Caught over a dozen fish yesterday!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing' started by buddah, May 20, 2007.

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    Yup, It's true! I decided to take my dog Buck down to the river to run and thought "I oughtta take my flyrod with me" Last time I was there I seen the fish hitting ontop and all I had was my lil Fenwick spinrod and a few yopwater plugs...way to big for what was there, so I decided to gear down. Good thing too! I tied on an 8' leader and a beadhead olivedrab... litterally every cast I was hookin up! Creek chubs, Trout (a few brownies and a rainbow) and I cought a smallie on one of those rubberband-legged bugs! LOL I had a great time and so did Buckerz. I didn't take my cam cause I was wading in the shallows and I'm clumsy..."Bzzzzt" -LOL (that was the sound of my camera when I would have dropped it in the river :lol:)
    Welp' Glad to talk to ya'll - Have a wonderful day and everyone start prayin' that our baby will come out soon! I'm tired and she's ready to go ballistic!! hahaha Poor Amy.
    I love that gal!

    I oughtta get one of those B.O.C. hats for putting up with her this long... Mwhaa hahaha... ;)
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    Congrats! We went yesterday and caught a bunch of fish too! We caught a few rock bass,crappie,sunfish,gills,couple shovelheads,perch and my buddy hooked the biggest turtle i've ever seen in my life! It had to be over 30lbs,it was a monster!!!

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    It sounds like you had a great time. I'm still waiting for the catfish plants to start.

    -- Rich