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Caught my first flathead catfish tonight

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Not a big guy only 3 pounds but its a flathead :D . Also caught a few lil channels to go with him and all of em caught on chicken livers

Found a nice fishing hole back in a creek near a marina . The one houseboat on the end where i was fishing feeds the fish every night . There are some pretty big fish that live back there , now if only i could catch one
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Good job, i think i may of caught a baby flat once this year on a worm but still not luck with live gills. sounds like youre ahead of me in this race...
Way to Go TXboy! I fish below a marina with a fish cleaning station and it allways is a very good spot.
Beau, congratulations on the catch. Not everyone catches a flathead. They are something, aren't they?
Good to hear ya hooked one. I'm a Tx-Boy myself, where were you fishing?
My first was a about a pound, so don't feel bad.
same here my first was a only a few pounds but it gives you hope of snaggina biggun
Big Nick said:
Good to hear ya hooked one. I'm a Tx-Boy myself, where were you fishing?

Lake waco

I was just holding my pole and then all of a sudden the thing just doubles over right there and the fight was on . He fought for a bit but i got him in pretty quickly . I was hoping grandma was going to take a bite out of the lil 4 inch bluegill i had rigged up on my big pole but no takers

I would've stayed there all night if i hadnt run outta bait but i know where im going next time i fish at night
congrats on your first flathead, it only gets better now that the first one is out of the way.
Congratulations on your first flathead. They should be turning on in the next few weeks then you will catch a bigger one if you stay on the water.
first one i ever caught was about 3#s as well. whole nightcrawler in a small creek.
congradulations on the catch.i wish i could remember my first flathead.
Congrads on your first one.Now your on your way to the big boys.
Congrats on that catch TXboy! I've heard of a lake in Waco mentioned in a couple conversations with my buddies, called Lighting House Lake or something like that. Ever fished it?? Is it any good for the kittys?

Congrats Brother, The fever only gets worse from here on out. I love a good Catfight.
Congratulations on your first Flathead, Hope that YOU catch that monster Flatty next time your out.Good Fishing to Ya
Congrats on your 1st flattie!!!
Way to go Beau, nice first Flatty. Flatheads are special aint they.:smile2:
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