Caught in the crazy friday downpour

Discussion in 'MINNESOTA RIVERS TALK' started by Goldenshinner, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. Goldenshinner

    Goldenshinner New Member

    anyone else get caught in that insaine downpour friday night???

    i saw loads of other people out. i know we got at least an inch in some areas. i thought it might even get dangerous as people unfamilar with the river rush to get off. any good stories???

    oh and again we got skunked. acouple of nice runs just everythings droping the bait.
  2. Larry

    Larry New Member

    It was a rainy one on Friday. 2.5 inches from Shakopee to St.Paul. Raised the river almost 3/4 of and inch. Lots of wood blown down. It made a big mess in a lot of areas.
    I was out on Sat when the 2nd wave hit. Had to use cooler lids to keep the hail off us. The bite was going nuts in the rain though.
    I did get a nice one once things settled down.

    This one went 45 LBS


  3. rushing

    rushing New Member

    Fishing partner ditched out on me sat night and didnt really feel like heading out solo so I wasnt out for the crazy storms that came out of nowhere down this way and was out last night , no rain but I did get caught out in a great meteor shower!
  4. Dave L

    Dave L New Member

    Wasn't able to fish this past weekend due to family in from out of town. We didn't get even a 1/4" out of that storm.
    Congrats on the nice fish Larry.
  5. Goldenshinner

    Goldenshinner New Member

    Larry that is awsome!!! i must give you credit. AWSOME FISH. Im a tad envious. my pals and i havent caught jack this year. i am just at the point were i think i need to rethink how i target these fish. as nothing is working.

    i was out last night(sun) also got rained on aagain. what i weekend. im glad someone did well.