Caught a nice 8 pointer on film Saturday

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by sam9266, Aug 21, 2005.

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    Albany, GA
    Last weekend I saw a nice 8 point buck but didnt have my cam corder with me. This Saturday I went back with the cam corder as saw him again and this time I got about 20 mins of footage on him and a little doe traveling with him. He is a young looking buck with about a 16-18" inside spread and 8 points but the points are kinda short but the main beams are high above his head. He is gonna make one heck of a nice buck next year for sure. I was talking with DH saturday night in the chat room and he said we will be able to post short videos on the new site so Im gonna try to figure out how to load the tape onto the computer at work and post it in my pics section. Over they years Ive filmed hundreds of deer and have some great footage of lots of does,small bucks and probably ten 8-10 point bucks that I hope to edit and put on CD soon and hope to post the best videos of bucks in my picture section too. I dont get to hunt anymore but I still spend a lot of time in the woods with my camcorder filming deer. The 8 point I filmed this weekend was in a small section of woods surrounded by houses.. maybe 75-100 acres of woods total. Ive seen 6 different bucks there this year so far and many does. We have lots of deer trapped in small pathces of woods that are surrounded by houseing developments and thats where I find most of my deer now... it just takes some patients and practice to find them... a lot of them only come out at night or the last 30 mins of daylight so Ive seen lots that its was just too dark to film but this buck was out at 1:30 in the afternoon. Ive always seen bucks moving in the middle of the day during full moom periods so I decided I would try to see him this weekend. I went at noon and he came out at 1:30 pm on a day where the heat factor was 110. He came out and crossed over to a drainage ditch and got a drink, rubbed his antlers in some branches, ate some browse then he spotted me and went back in the woods. As I was leaving I looked back one more time and he had came back out and was standing there watching me!!!. I got the cam back on him for a few more minutes of footage until he finally spooked and ran off. It was a great time and I hope to film him again thru out the year.
    Does anyone else have any nice footage they would like to post?

    Take care... Sam
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    man I cant wait to see that

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    I would really enjoy seeing that myself.