caught a few this weekend

Discussion in 'Carp Fishing' started by delawareriver, May 30, 2006.

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    yesterday i was fishing with a buddy that never carp fished before and was almost no action on the cats and small mouth. so we tossed some corn out, the first carp was pretty fast and my Buddy got a Little to excited and broke the line when he grabbed the pole. so i calmed him down and another 10 mins went by and another carp hit. 9.2 not to bad, then the next carp was mine. waited about 45 mins before i saw one of the lines moving slightly and i gave him a good hook set with decently light pole. this fish took off like no carp i ever caught before even with the light pole. we i tried to get in my kayack to get some line back on this fish and i was down to the knot on my reel when got a good paddle and made up some line. fought the fish for a good 10 mins and landed it. 15.2 only my 3rd or 4th largest carp but definitely the hardest fighting. after dinner we tried again and we had 3 guys and three rods so i took the small ultralight rod since i had a Little more experience and sure enough the only carp of the night took my pole pole. only ended up being a 7 but fought pretty good on that rod. nothing even touched the rod i had out for cats. oh well it was good weekend even with slow action on carp, normally we catch 8-10 when we go out and we only had caught 3 and lost a 4th but you cant beat that action when nothing else is biting.