Caught a few last night in the Pee Dee River...

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    decided just to go down to the pee dee bridge and see what was happening.. Haven't been there in ages. Fished for about 3 hours with live bream, cut bream and sonny's.

    Had one run and get hung up under a log with the live bream. Couldn't get him out. No hits on the cut... Caught 3 on the sonnys. 4lb, 6lb and 12lb. So it was fun. Didn't feel like cleaning them so gave them to a buddy of mine and he was estatic! He said its been so long since he caught a catfish that he forgot what they look like!

    Water at 52 is lowwwwwww...... I may put my small boat in this weekend to see what my cat hole looks like.

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    Ron LOW is right. I hope this isnt a trend for the year again.