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    went fishing below cannelton dam this morning. they had been predicting thunderstorms but i did not let that deter me. i had originally been after flatheads. i took a few live gills with me for bait. i also stopped over to a friends house and picked up a pack of frozen skips he had left out for me( i am currently totaly out of bait!) i set 2 poles out with the live gills on them and they set out for probably 45 minutes with no takers. i could stand it no more. i dumped the rest of the live gills in the river and headed to my favorite bluecat spot. wound up cathing only 2. one was 18.4 # and the other was around 7#. didnt burn em up but it sure beat working.
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    north carolina
    hey two blues is better than zero flatheads anyday and zero fish is alot better than 8 hours work too. congrates