Caught a couple Dolphin yesterday/Lost one of the local fishermen today

Discussion in 'Salt Water Fishing' started by Bobpaul, Jun 21, 2008.

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    I went out for a short trip offshore for some dolphin fishing. We landed two small ones. You know, the ones you say are nice eating size, when they're too small to brag on. We also caught a baracuda.

    Today, during a kingfish tournament, a bad storm came from onshore and caught all the tourny fishermen. One of the guys I knew and a good friend of the fella I went with yesterday, had motor trouble and got swamped. He didn't survive it. Two others on his boat were rescued.

    I was having breakfast on the beach at 8:00 am, and saw the storm coming 1 1/2 hrs before it hit the ocean. It seems that nobody came in, and one boat was lost.
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    sorry to hear about your buddy. some day i would love to fishing in the ocean again. i've been 3 times. twice i went in hawaii deep sea fishing and hooked into a marlin according to them was small. the said aroud 175lbs,thats huge to me. i also got to go in florida with my dad and caught a bunch of snapper. while i was in hawaii i ate some fresh dolphin, its by far one of the best eating fish in my opinion

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    Really sorry to hear of the loss of a fisherman. And a friend of yours. Thoughts and prayers going out to the family.
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    Prayers sent from Nevada.
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    Kinda difficult to say congratulations on the fish you caught, when your post also includes the report of someone's death. :sad2:

    Sorry to hear about the situation Bob, my thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends as well. Storms on the ocean (or a lake/river for that matter) are not a good thing.
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    I love catching dolphin. Went offshore out of OI two years ago and we caught our limit of Dolphin pretty fast. They are a hard fighting fish and good to eat.

    The best tasting fish I caught was yellowfin tuna. Man, that was so good on the grill, it makes my mouth water just thinking about it.