catters in the rochester ny area

Discussion in 'LOCAL NEW YORK TALK' started by cathouse, Jan 22, 2009.

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    Okay you guys and gals , i have this bug and i need some one to share it with , my regular fishing buddies won,t havec any thing to do with the cattin way of fishing , so i'm making a call to arms brother catters unite and lets put NY on the map LOL surely there is another catter in the area that feels the same way . Now don't make me do this alone and represent on my own cause i will but wheres the fun in that , so come on guys lets put our haeds together and unite fore the sake of havbing fun , who knows maybe we can spread the bug .
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    Olean, NY is 2hr 14min by google from Rochester. Almost all of that being freeway driving. Now I could go a little further.. but where the map shows woods and miles of smallmouth streams between us.

    Buffalo area is ok, for me--IF you know some place with cats (thats also SAFE!)

    I'm checking your dnr out to see if there's some better common place. why not- I got a few minutes left and I'd rather figure this out in fishless january than miss an interesting fishing trip with a brother in may or june...