Catstock.. June 22,23,and 24th

Discussion in 'LOCAL MISSOURI TALK' started by Skunk Master, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. Skunk Master

    Skunk Master New Member

    Colinsville, Il
    I would like to invite everybody from Missouri to The Illinois Gathering.. It's going to be at Pere Marquette, above Grafton on the Illinois River.. Come meet your Illinois brothers and have a blast..
  2. Terry Day

    Terry Day New Member

    Parkville, Missouri
    Thanks for the invite. I'll check my schedule and see what's up. It Wouldn't hurt to get out of state and try some new waters. I'll keep checking the IL post for updates.

  3. Michael Jake

    Michael Jake New Member

    Troy, Missouri
    Mark'n it on the calender now. Thanks for the invite Harold, always a great time at get togethers like this. I'll be coming up from the Mississippi. Got stoped for an inspection there where the Illinois comes into the Mississippi by the US Coastgaurd... everything was good and I was glad to see them out on the river, plus we swapt some stories of encounters with the asian carp... that was two summers ago, didn't fish pool 26 last year so it will be great getting back there.