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    well thanks all for the prayers. im still speaking in person or phone to my still wife as of now anyway every day.

    i had the kids all weekend. were having a ball. i didnt relize how much the alcohol had control of my life till i woke up.

    17 days now and ive lost 21 lbs and look like im 25 again. clean shaven and feeling wonderful.

    i was 310 lbs when this happened. and now am 289. shooting for 250 or less by x-mas and 190-195 by spring. im picking the wife and lil one up at 11:30 to take them to eat lunch. she lets me call her whenever i want and talks to me alone every time i see her.

    last report. "im not ready yet" so its not a no. im finding myself and liking what i see. i pray with my sons when they leave. i have prayed with her. and i pray alone. thanks. whatever happens im healing and will be better off than i was before. i have my life my kids and getting ahold of my looks again.

    me and the kids have been out for pizza, to the park, to the nature center, to the mall for hot pretzels, played monopoly. i never relized how fun it was whan i was always worried about how many beers i had left in the fridge. so all you young guys. remember. moderation or none. i couldnt control it. so im giving it up for good.
  2. bw69r

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    beautiful family there Jeremy. glad to hear things are looking up for you. sometimes you don't realize what you have til its gone. you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

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    Your family should be the most important thing in your life . your kids need there father and your wife needs her husband. I am so glad for you to realize that the beer was a down fall. My prayers go out to you and hope everything works out.
  4. brother hilljack

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    Looks like you really got your act together, congrats brother and stay strong, regardless of what she decides, your life will be better. Our prayers go out to you and the family God Bless
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    Thanks for the update Jeremy. Glad to hear it. Hang in there buddy and things will work out. Keep us posted.
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    Glad things are lookin' up for you! It is truly amazing how people can't see how alcohol controls your life until you are able to step away and look back. I hope you and yours continue to do well my friend!!
  7. biga

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    lookin good brother... you keep making progress every day that you go without the drinkin.. there have been many a family broken because some people arent strong enough to do what you have done!!! im proud of you !!!! keep it up....
  8. MRR

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    Proud of you man. It takes a big person to admit when they have a serious problem .Wheather it's drink ,smokes or drugs. Happy to hear things are looking up for you in more ways than one.You have a couple good looking boys there so make them proud of the good ole dad. Wife will be proud also no matter what happens down the road. You all are still in our thoughts and prayers.
  9. Mike81

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    Thanks for the update Jerm, things sound like they are looking up and there is hope. It takes a big man to change so drastically in such a short time. It's not only great for your family but great for you and your health. Awesome job buddy, I know you will achieve your goals and life will get much better for everyone. :cool2:
  10. Cattledogz

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    Congratulations on being an "honest with yourself" man Jerm!
    Once you can admit to yourself that you have a problem and then act responsibly and do something to help yourself life will get nothing but better for not only yourself but those you love as well.

    You will have those moments that you want that drink but if you can just look at a picture of your kids instead that should be incentive enough to reinforce your choice to not give in.

    I went through a marriage to a man that ended up letting beer take over his life. It's HELL to live with a person with that problem, especially when they choose NOT to help themselves. To add to the problem, when he was drunk he thought it was fine to beat on me. NOT! It was a real shame because when he was not drinking he was a very good man. I left him years and years ago and the last I heard he was living on the streets as a total alcoholic. What a waste.

    The up side is, having gone through that with my ex makes me appreciate even more the man I am so proud to call my husband now. He too drank beer but when he found himself wanting more on a regular basis he made the decision then to give it up. (Thank God!) He has not missed it and has not regretted giving it up at all. He has told me countless times he is actually a happier person over all without the beer than he was when he drank beer.

    I hope its the same for you bro.

    And I hope it goes well enough for you that you can get your family back together and stay together. You deserve that and so does the family.

    One word of caution to you; be careful on dropping the weight too fast. It can be very harmful! Remember, you didn't put it on in a week or a month and you can't expect to lose it in such short time either. Try to do it in a healthy way that will keep you around to see your children become parents. :big_smile:

    Wendell and I will keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers.

    Keep up the great accomplishments! I am very proud of you!!!
  11. BIG_D

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    Cat im glad things are working out brother you are doing the right thing you are in my prayers bro
  12. ozzy

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    Lost Wages
    Good to hear your doing better, keep it up. :wink:
  13. Pastor E

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    Prayers are sent for you and your Fsmily Bro
  14. gardengrz

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    hang in there baby hamburgler said it:big_smile::cool2:
  15. slimdaddy

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    prayers still coming from the buckeye state hope it all works out for ya
  16. Little Mac

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    Its amazing what a 12oz drink will get ya into aint it. I gave it up and have been better for it. I truly hope for you and your family's sake you stick with it as its very easy to slide back in once things have settled down. Just stick with your principles, keep your goal in mind and like cattledog said just look at your Children. Im proud of ya too bud. Mac :wink:
  17. PaJay-p

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    You're on the right track Jeremy. Family is what life is about.We all come to crossroads in our lives' it's all about which way we go. Been there done that. Hang in there buddy seems like you got the ship turned the right way.
  18. 223reload

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    Thats great,Jeremy,Glad things are going well. Prayers still goin out to you and your family.
  19. catfishjohn

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    Great news Jeremy. Prayers are being sent for You and Your Family!!!:wink:

    JERMSQUIRM New Member

    22 lbs gone now and feeling good.

    yesterday my still wife went with me and the youngest and ate lunch. we sat and chatted and played for an hr and a half. and took a drive out through the state park. i love that girl so much and appreciate the prayers. she is bringing the boys over at 4pm today. i have a big supper cooking and table set for 4. something we NEVER did before. eat togather as a family. i hope she sees the difference in me now. ive changed a bunch. anger has left, and im getting back in shape. and all i want to do now is spend time with the family. its hard not seeing my kids everyday.