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Jason454ci Called me and asked; "If I wanted to go out to Seneca Lake with him and Josh yesterday afternoon and try to catch enough Channel Cats for our May Mayhem Gathering Fish Fry." Well that was a no brainer, and didn't have to twist my arm to hard.

I Told him; "Give me about 15 minutes to gather my gear and I'd be ready." 15 minutes later he was at my place and we loaded up, and headed out to Dillon 1st to net some Shad. It was slow getting them, Spillway was running pretty good. Took us about 30 minutes to get a little over half a 5 gallon bucket full. After that we went back to his place where Josh was waiting on us after cutting grass. As we were going to ride up in his van. Loaded up, double checking everything; we were ready to roll.

Upon arriving; We unpacked everything and hiked it all down the hill side. Putting rods together, while Josh was setting up the rod holders. Jason makes the 1st cast. Before Jason could even get his 2nd rod baited up; Bam! His 1st rod doubled over and the 1st fish was on. With many more to follow after that. Before you knew it; The 3 of us were reeling in, fish after fish.

Before the evening was done. We had caught a total of 41 Channel Catfish. Releasing 9 dinks to grow bigger. Leaving us a total of 32 Fish. Weighing just a little over 74 pounds. Turned out to be; A pretty productive Spring evening.

Packed up, with fish in tow. We headed for home. So Jason could get busy, filleting our catch for Saturday's Fish Fry at the " May Mayhem Gathering."

A Special Note Of Thanks To Johnny ( RamRod ) for his contribution to the fish fry as well...


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