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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Catgirl, Feb 14, 2008.

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    I buy toys for my cat Annie on occasion. Why, I don't know. It looks cute, or is on's different, I just know she'll love it, etc. :roll_eyes:

    But the fact of the matter is, the fascination with most of the toys she "owns" is short-lived. As far as items specifically purchased for her go, her choice is a tiny rabbit fur or faux lambs wool rattling mouse. They're lightweight and get stuck in her claws, which brings about all sorts of shenanigans.....I've seen one thrown several feet in the air lots of times, and I find them throughout the house. We've had catnip mice too, she doesn't care much about 'em. Her other favorite in this category is a bit more elaborate. She was more enthralled with it at first (for a good year, I'd say), and it still makes a good babysitter at times; although she only watches and doesn't interact with it too often. I've even changed the object on the end of the string/wand to make it more enticing now and then. It's called a Cat Attack. It does have quite an erratic movement, the key to it being interesting. Here's a link if you'd like to see one.

    Overall I have found female members of the feline persuasion to be more playful than males, and more consistently as they get older. Annie will be 8 soon, and she is still a terror at times. Pinks was the same way, but the male cats I've had over the years seemed to become more laid back with age. When Pinks was alive, I had a large ceramic conch shell my aunt made. It was full of all types of beautiful natural seashells, on the bathroom counter. I don't know what it was about this one specific shell......I would replace it, she would get it and carry it in her mouth to whatever room I was in. Didn't matter where I put it in/on the display, it was ALWAYS that one. So, we started playing fetch with it in the evenings. My cats have always been more like dogs, maybe because that's the way I treat them.

    Anyhow, back to the subject at hand. I was just sitting here wondering why I buy toys especially for Annie (while she is busily bouncing around with a miniature gold metallic gift bow she rediscovered somewhere). She will pass by every new-fangled toy she has, to get to this bow; or a plastic lid from a bottle of water, OR (this is her FAVORITE FAVORITE) a long leather bootlace. She's NUTS over those!

    Any kind of toy your cat enjoys?
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    Same as at your house, our cats favorite toys are generally things they stole off the counter and eventually tuck up under the couch, stove, refreigerator, or whatever. We recently had a new floor put in the den - when we moved the sofa we just about lost it: there were dozens of the little plastic rings from the top of milk jugs and the little stoppers with a ring attached from the spout on orange juice cartons.

    As for bought toys, ours also like the little rabbit fur mice. One of our cats has recently developed a new habit - she drowns her toy mice! About twice a day we find one at the bottom of the water bowl. Oh, also, the tails are always chewed off the mice within minutes of coming out of a package.

    For interactive toys, I have 2 favorites:
    1 about a 6 foot long piece of ribon (1/2" wide) attached to the end of a 2.5' dowel or other light rod. We call this the "kitty fishing pole." You "cast" the ribbon (the mechanics are the same as fly casting, good practice) around the cats and they jump fot it and grab it etc.

    2) Laser pointers. Cats just love to chase that little red dot of light around. It's hysterical when they think they have caught it and they carefully lift their paws and ... hey, where is it?

  3. catfishcrazy256

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    I like toys for CAT FISH ! :eek:oooh::big_smile:
  4. Catgirl

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    Around here I don't have too much trouble with the area under the sofa, but I definitely have my hands full if I move the refrigerator or stove :smile2:.

    You sayin' "kitty fishing pole" reminded me of another toy Annie likes. I've seen them at Pet Smart, but we made this one long before I ever saw them for sale. Took a short crappie rod (which was normally used for fishing boat slips in covered marina docks) and attached a jig to the end of the line, with the barb cut off of course. You can sit in your favorite chair (well, maybe not the computer chair :wink:) and cast that thing across the room, then slowly start to reel......starting and stopping. She LUVS it, but it causes me to worry a bit when we get out the REAL fishin' stuff to work on it; afraid she's gonna end up with a hooked paw or mouth.

    Never tried the laser pointer thing, but I know folks who have. Annie will chase the beam from a mini mag flashlight sometimes, but she gets bored with that.
  5. Scott Daw

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    Allentown, Pennsylvania
    My cat, socks, has the same issue. Most cat toys are just marketing schemes. Lets face it. have you seen a cat play with most of the stuff? Theres a reason why most of the toys have catnip in them. Its the only way a cat will look at it, let alone interact with it. Give my cat a box, paper bag, newspaper, twisttie's, rubber band or a bag of crickets intended to feed my leopard geckos and she goes nuts. the only real toy she'll play with is those cat balls that have the shiny threads sticking out of it.
  6. Reel_Blues

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    Tanya for me it would be a total waste of money. We tried buying then toys a couple times but they just dont like them lol. Their favorite toys are an old shoe string and the best of all is the littlie thing you take off the milk jug when you open it seriously they will play with it for hours lol.
  7. jim

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    Jacksonville NC
    My boy ROCKY loves the laser pointer!!! He loves Blondes even more.He is a solitary cat and doesnt like a lot of commotion so when some blond bimbos come waltzing in the door chattering away, he loves to chase them until they leap up on the kitchen chairs.He growls ferociously and will even bite them occasionaly even though he is declawed.He does present a terrifying presence as he is a big cat..He only does this the first time they come to the house.:smile2::eek:oooh:After treeing his victims he then flops on his back and looks at me as if to say."Ok boss I got them all terrified and ready to be rescued, so do your manly thing":smile2::smile2::wink:He also loves to chew through my braided fishing line between the reel and end of the rod ,if I am dumb enought to leave the door open to the gear closet.Dont ask me why and he wont play with just a piece of the line.He does love his new drug mouse which has the pocket to put catnip into.Although I did catch him rolling it into some tissue paper and looking for a lighter!!!!!!!! He also loves to put things he is playing with into his water bowl and he has always loved water and is fascinated by bubble bath bubbles particularly if they are attached to the afore mentioned blonds.This has led to some exciting race scenes far better than the Daytona 500!!!!!They each have their own thing and you never now what side is going to show next.:smile2:ROCKY ensures my collection of female friends is always evolving!!!! Every female that has been to my house might not remember me but they ALL remember ROCKY!!!!!!!!
  8. Catgirl

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    Wow, a corral cat. Rocky must be some kinda helper if he manages to "chair" the herds of uh, not so smart ladies with light hair frequenting your place. They're just like Lay's potato chips, aren't they Jim? :smile2:

    My Smiley never bit anyone else, and he loved men/boys. Preferred cozying up with them and disregarded the female visitors. He bit me though :big_smile:. Nothin' major.....I'm always barefooted if I can be, and if he didn't think I was paying enough attention to him (i.e. washing the dishes), he would playfully bite my toes until I stopped whatever I was doing and spoke to/petted him.

    I know whatcha mean about the bubble baths, I had some felines who jumped into the tub with me a few times. They think it looks fun, until they end up half drowned and resembling a big rat. Then it's "GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!" and they will use any means necessary to do so. :crazy:

    Henry chewed through the phone cord once, when I was a teenager. Maybe he thought I used it too often :big_smile:. Now I keep expectin' Annie to chew through the computer cables! :smile2::wink:
  9. john catfish young

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    Our cat loves to play with the plastic bags that come from the grocery store. When I am putting up the groceries...I always have to let her play in the empty plastic bags. She also loves to take my cough drop wrappers and hide them all over the house. We got her a toy that is a little bird that chirps when moved about...she loves to play with it.:smile2:
  10. keithcatfish

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    Maryville, TN
    Both my cats go bonkers for a laser pointer.

    My little cat is also nuts for plastic grubs. Last night we played fetch for an honest hour and a half. She is just like a dog. When she wants to play, she jumps on my lap and drops the grub in my lap, I throw it, she fetches it and drops it at my feet.
  11. Catgirl

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    If you have a cat and want something to occupy him/her, try this. It's Annie's latest discovery.......a fortune cookie, still in the l'il plastic wrapper.

    I'm not sure where she found the first one she adopted, but as I said previously she normally chooses everyday items to play with.

    She literally goes CRAZY with a fortune cookie; loves the lightness and rattling of these too.

    Heck, I wish I would've thought to give her one myself before. They're basically complimentary (free) when you order Chinese food, and with her one lasts a LONG time. She'll still play with it long after the cookie has crumbled inside the package.

    Doesn't have to be thrown away until someone steps on it. (Never know where she might leave the thing in the middle of the night :big_smile:.)
  12. 223reload

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    Yup everyday things around here too,Tigger loves boxes,He will climb in or try to any size box if we leave it sitting in the floor,the 30 pacs from my beer seem to be his favorite :cool2:and he discovered a pair of tweezers this morning. He also can entertain himself with the plastic covers from my disposable razors for weeks.
  13. ozzy

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    Lost Wages

    :smile2: I woke up the other morning with my head stuck in one of those 30 pack boxes, but it was empty. :confused2: