Catfishing Trotline Storage

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    I take a 5 gal plastic bucket and drill a 3/8 hole in the center bottom and get a piece of all thread and secure it with 2 nuts and washers cut the allthread so that it is about 2'' taller than the bucket and slide an actual 5 pound barbell weihgt down the allthread and secure it with a nut and washer ( the weight is to make the bucket bottom heavy to keep it from dumping over) and then i take a piece of treated 3/4 plywood and cut it about an 1'' larger in diameter than the bucket so you can use it for a lid and because it is a little bigger around than the bucket you wont get snagged by a hook. I also take a router and route a circle in the plywood the same size as the top of the bucket so it fits down a little over the hooks and also keeps it centered and when you get all of your stagings in the bucket you can secure the lid with a wing nut. I keep 200 stagings in my bucket and I hardly ever have a problem.
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    I to use a 5 gal, but i dont bother w.cutting a piece of plywood. what I did was took my skilsaw, brought th blade so it would only make a 1" cut. then make as many cuts as possible 3/4" apart at th top of th bucket. that way u can place your ready to go hooks(up to 5 per slot) in each slot, and still use th same lid th bucket came with. Now, to store my trotline, i take a 2X4 and cut it 4" shorter than th inside of th bucket, 2 1X2's 6" longnail them to th ends of th 2X4 so it looks like a capital "I" 1 more in th middle if u like to help keep 2 on it w/o getting them mixed up. I run 4 trots, so i keep 2 2X's set up this way. keeps everything tidy. i keep a frisbie on board for cuttin bait.