Catfishing Tip of the Day: Night Time Safety Glasses

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by comanchero, Jun 7, 2006.

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    Last night was a beautiful night to be one the river. We pulled out of our last spot about 1:00 am and Cattin Addict brought the RiverPro up on plane and goosed it up to about 45 mph. I was manning the spotlight in the bow and lighting the channel bouys as we motored upstream on Pool 3 of the Mississippi river. All the way up to Prescott I was getting tattooed in the face and eyes with June bugs, mosquitos, dragon flies, etc, etc. As he brought the boat down at the Prescott No-Wake Cattin Addict had a big grin as he looked at my tortured expression - "You need some safety glasses, Rookie!". There he sat with a nice pair of wrap-around clear safety glasses perched on his face. My eyes were red and runny and I looked like I needed to stop at a Holiday station and use their squeege to get the bugs off my face.

    Well I just got back from WalMart. I got the last pair of wrap around clear safety glasses they had in the store - $4.44 and worth every penny for my next night time run. This rookie is ready for some long distance running to the flathead holes. I thought I would pass on this pearl of wisdom courtesy of Cattin Addict.

    We had a pretty good night. We got one 22# flathead and another that we didn't weigh but it was a good 30" fish. We had some great runs but we just couldn't hook'em. Here are some pics:

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    I recently started wearing the safety glasses for the same reason, they are pretty much neccasiry.

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    Try the glasses with the yellow lenses, like shooting glasses. They help you focus more clearly, especially at night.
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    Excuse my French, but motoring around at 45 mph in the dark is just plain stupid, no matter how well you think you know the lake or river you're on.
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    I admit my thoughts were "I sure hope they don;t kill some one".Please guys.Think about it.All of us should think about it.I have seen the dead.peewee-williams