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Catfishing the Mississippi

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Hi there, my name's Anthony, but you can call me Yuki if you'd like. I'm new to, and it seems like you people know what you're talking about.
So I have a quick couple of questions for you.

First off, I fish the mississippi in Minnesota just below the 694 bridge. My personal best catfish in the mississippi is 4 and a half pounds. I'd like it to be bigger. But bluegills are illegal to use, and live bait is hard to come by (if you're trying to catch it). I've used chicken livers up til now, and it seems to have been working....but not for bigger fish...does anyone know this area of the river and can tell me their trade secrets? ::wink, wink, nudge, nudge::

Any info would be greatly appreciated

Yuki Yamani
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I fish the mississippi down by LaCrosse. I would say that you should try chicken livers that have been layered in garlic salt if you want a lot of fish. Try smelt or sardines if you want fewer but bigger fish.
The closest bait shop sells Sucker minnows...Pretty much any type of minnow can be used....except for can use bullheads up to eight inches long for bait...haven't tried it yet...but I heard it's supposed to be a good way to catch big cats.

Yuki Yamani
Get the sucker minnows, best bait I have ever found. 150 hooks with 17 sucker minnows and 15 cats, nothing else got a nibble. Dick
frist thing I would do is fill out your profile you WILL get more help if it is filled out
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