Catfishing the Great Lakes?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by wolfman, Oct 14, 2008.

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    I dont see much posts on here about catfishing the great lakes. Just curious if anyone fishes them, or is it just because its not the fish of choice to target there?
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    Wow. NO answer?? This thread slipped me, but I can assure wolf that there is catfish in (at least) lake erie and lake ontario.

    In fact, some of the biggest channels I have ever seen have come from LaKe Erie. Although catfish prefer the depths, I think that along both lakes, catfish are relatively shallow and I know anglers target both from structure in bays and near tributaries.

    During the spawn, at least in PA, the channels migrate to some of the bigger streams and there are some monsters in there. EVen though these fish are lake erie fish; this is small river fishing, with a mild current, rocks and shore access.

    the "river" connecting ontario to the ocean; the st lawrence is said to contain some real nice cats.


    so far as I know only channel catfish occur in the major great lakes and surrounding rivers. flatheads and blue don't. Also there are bullheads.

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    Mmm I have fished Erie, but just never thought of Catfish there.
    Never even caught one by accident.
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    I go to lake erie walleye fishing every year, and have caught a few nice channels when you let your rig go to the bottom. I would say that if you went up there and targeted them, you would do pretty good. And I can tell you that it really pees the charter boat captain off :angry: when you start lettn' your bait to the bottom on purpose :wink: .
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    all of my catting untill recently was on lake erie. i fished them solely. it is an amazing fishery for cats. there were many nights i would only fish 1 pole because it was too hectic fishin two. no bs. there were nights i would cpr 35 channels. sure a few were only 2# but many, many, many, of em were 5 to 10. I primarily hit the warm water outlet because it was almost a sure thing to catch somethin. even if it were only sheeps head or white bass. i never had a boat to get me to the depths so i dont know if there are 45 or 50 lbers out there but i have got a few 15's so there have to be biggens. i cant figure why people with the resources dont take their boat out to target them but believe me they are there.