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  1. jedimanhunter

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    I want to entertain an idea to everyone. In an effort to educate ourself in differnt areas of catfishing no matter what your skill level, income, age or location is I thought we could create some realistic scenerio based training. The idea is inject yourself into the posted scenerio and post how you would handle it. The scenerio is basic and not too scientific. If the response is good we can post a different scenerio in a week or so. everyones answers can make good catters better in one way or another.

    Scenerio #1. You are on a new lake you have never been on. You have a map, a boat with a 250.00 fish finder. You are going after blues. Its 58 degree water and 5-8 mph wind. Your backing down the ramp at 0700. What do you do?

    If you have to catch bait where do you look.
    if you use your electronics, what are you looking for
    If you choose to drift or anchor, where and why
    If you need to add to the scenerio with what if's feel free.

    This idea might crash and burn but it sounded good at the time

    BIG GEORGE New Member

    Not bein a laker type fisherman I'm gonna go with the followin.

    Bait: Coves that the wind is blowin into or feeder creeks at the mouth and I'm gonna look for the birds.

    Electronics: I'm gonna look for the channel and concentrate at various depths on dropoffs.

    My electronics will determine where I anchor up. Bein a tidal river guy thats my game. LOL!

  3. Kevin Allen

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    for bait, i always have bait before i go fishing, might have been to the woods getting fiddle worms, might have bought big "minners", might have went and got some shad, but always got my bait before i fish to be sure i am able to fish.

    then i look for good secluded spots, if i have electronics, i'll check to see if shows good depth and fish activity.

    pick me a good spot and fish, i like the deep water. of course, i'm after the fish that makes that "deep water" more like shallow water cause he's so big lol. ITS MOBY DICK!!! lol

    i prefer to have a couple types of bait, fiddle worms, minners, shad. try both and see which gets most response. then use mainly that bait.

  4. kscathunter

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    Im with george :wink:
  5. brinley45cal

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    Im going to use cut bait,im looking for deep holes and drop offs especially ones with structure in and around it.Ill be checking out the moths of those feeder creeks especially if its after a rain,and since im not familar with the lake drifting might not be a bad idea either.
  6. Mike81

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    I already talked to BOC members who are experts on that lake before I :wink:
  7. daystarchis

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    Clovis Cali
    There you go Mike:wink: Thats what I do:smile2: Saves a lot of trouble and time:cool2:
  8. bnt55

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    Northern KY
    I definately want to hear the best answer on this one since I have a lake just like this that I fish every so often. Not sure where to find bait, not sure where the fish are either but I can guess using the electronics and I generally wont stay put for more than 30 minutes. If I can bum a ride out of Mike81 then I should be fine since he has talked to some local experts!!:smile2:

    Cmon catfish pro's where are you on this??

  9. jedimanhunter

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    If the wind is right I will throw my cast net off the boat ramp to catch my bait since I like fresh cutbait and I was too lazy to go chase it down the day/night before my fishing trip.

    If I have my GPS, probably not one on the 250.00 unit I am going to set a waypoint for the boat ramp. It is not a good thing being lost on new water. IF no GPS look for land marks. Water towers, cell towers, radio towers, houses. You have to know where home is before you lose its location. Coming back to the ramp never looks like it did leaving it.

    If the boat ramp was a no go. I will look for shallow water on the side of a clean point where the wind is blowing bait. If its there I might fish right there to see whats happening. If that fails I will go to marinas and pitch around the docks.

    Marinas are usually in a shallow cove, not alot of wind you can see shad flippin, if that fails I will head for the solid concrete along the bridges. These are good spots. Pitch net on windy side as close to concrete as you can. work all the way around to the calm side.

    They may be holding by the pylons or where the current breaks from under the bridge to the tip of the calm side. If that fails crank up the graph and look for shallow clouds and birds. If your at this point you are saying I should have got bait before I got here but sometimes we need to be humbled as we start thinking No problem, I got it.

    In 58 degree water I will anchor shallow near some deeper water that is holding bait. If that is unproductive I am going to drift to deeper water to the bait, humps if I can get there. I studied my map to locate humps, and quick drop offs and timber. The deep end and the shallow side are known too.

    If my drift does not produce I will target timber. If that does not work my day is probably near done time wise and i need to figure out what i am doing wrong so its back to the BOC. I believe good catfisherman can go anywhere and catch catfish at anytime.

    I believe recreational/ occasional catfisherman can go the the catfish capital, fish all day long and not catch a thing in this scenerio. Where do I want to be. good enough to be consistant and leave confident enough that I will catch fish... period. anyday, anytime anywhere. Am I there yet, no but I am having alot of fun getting there.

    My drift rig has a 1.5-2 oz slinky weight rigged carolina style with a float above the bait with a 5-6 ought circle. Carolina rig with no roll sinker in shallows or no weight at all and let it do its own thing if I can cast it.

    Whos next
  10. wolfman

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    Triadelphia, WV
    Walter Flack
    I would look for shad on a rip rap shoreline that the wind is blowing against and throw a cast net. Also, since I like using more than just one bait. I would try to catch some bluegills in this same area on meal worms or red wigglers.

    First Im gonna look at the map and find areas where the main channel bends close to the banks. Then with my electronics look at the depth and structure in about 35' to 50' of water. My 1st choice would be a high-wall (cliff or bluff).

    Most likely on a lake the wind would come into play more than current, and more times than not wont cooperate for drifting. Therefore , I would anchor over heavy structure in a deep hole. Half the poles will have fresh cut shad and the other half with live bluegills on the bottom.

    The rest of the day would determine what worked and what didnt on this 1st setup.
  11. SkiMax

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    Rising Sun, IN
    I would start by throwing my cast net around some docks. See if there aren't shad or bluegill hanging around the docks, there usually are. If that didnt work I would look around some points or coves for bait. If this lake has skipjack I would have casted around the tailwaters at first light trying to hook into some of them. Hopefully in the first couple hours I will get some bait.

    With water temps in the high 50's I would check creek channels and some mid depth flats. I would check my map for a flat with some humps or other features like stumps. I would start by drifting to hopefully locate fish. If the wind was a problem I would drop my trolling motor to help control my drift. As I drift if I hit a couple fish I would note everything I could about where and how they were caught. If this develops a pattern I would look at anchoring in a spot where I've marked fish and follows the pattern.