Catfishing rod for the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers

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  1. dhogue

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    O'Fallon, MO
    Hello every one in BOC Cat Land, what are some good Cat rods and reels, the past ten years of my river fishing I've been using HT "High Tech" Owl Wisker 8' rods with a Penn 309. It's been working for me, but if someone out there think's that I need to up grade to a stronger rod and reel please feel free to respond, I'm mainly fishing the Missouri and the Mississippi Rivers.

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    Hey D...I use the CatMaxx combos from BassPro...I haven't had a problem with em and recommend them to my close freinds. I recently purchased a Quantum 7'6" that is a combo endorsed by Bill Dance...I like this combo more than the CatMaxx combos...bought it at the BassPro for 59.99...cheaper than the CatMaxx combos which is also a bonus!

  3. just cats

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    Leslie Missouri
    I'm not familiar with your outfit so I can't tell you whether it's heavy enough or not. If you have confidence in it to handle any size cat in the river and if it suits you I'd stick with what you like. If you do decide to go heavier then I'll toss in my two cents worth and recommend the Ugly Stick Tiger Rods. I bought one in the spring, another in the summer and am getting ready to order my third right now. Truth is I haven't ever caught anything big on them yet but I have no doubt they will handle anything that swims in the Missouri. I can vouch for the fact that they will cast as much weight as you'll need and a big hunk of bait without breaking a sweat. They are just a bit stiffer than I like but when I hook that bigun then I may not feel that way. That's why I bought them , I am going to catch a big fish this year, I've made up my mind that with the help of the BOC brothers and sisters, I can and will do it. And I want the gear to do it with. I have an old 5000 and a new 6600 Abu on the two I have and I'm putting a 7000C on the next one. I have confidence in all three of these reels but the 7000 seems to be real popular with a lot of guys who do regularly catch big fish. That's why I've decided to go with it on the new rod. Mine are 7 ft. MH. Good luck with what ever you choose.
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    Don't Know anything about High Tech Rods, But you will be hard pressed to find a stronger reel then a Penn 309. Just my opinion, Rob
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    Hey dhogue, Im not to far from you I live on Midrivers, and fish the Missouri a bunch. About the rods. I was using Berkely Big Game rods and then my friend bought a Surge Rod and It was all over, I had to break down and Buy one. Those rods are extremely strong and have great control. I'm also going to try Bass Pros new CatMaxx rods they have for 07'. They feel great and come in many different sizes. As for the reels, I think your penn is a great choice but I also enjoy the offshore angler reels at Bass Pro. They hold a lot of line, their strong and cast great, along with a very audible bait clicker. Hope to see you on the water.

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    I prefer the John Jamison Signature series rods from the Rod Shop. Hand built one at a time with exacting attention to detail and excellent workmanship. All top quality components, in short The finest big cat rods I've ever held in My hands. They cost a bit more then your off the shelf production rods, but woth every penny.But, Much cheaper then other customs i've bought!!!! If Your interested in one of these fine rods PM Me and I'll send you the contact info!
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    I think it depends if you are fishing from a boat or from the bank. If you are fishing from the bank, I would assume your needs would include distance which would require a rod in the 10' - 12' range and a smooth casting reel, spinning or casting. If your fishing is from a boat, I would assume a stout rod in the 7' to 8' length would be in order with a power level wind like the Penn you have. Good luck.
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    I love to see a rod bend and the reel sign a song!
    I think the reel is the ultimate and the rod is your action.
    Penn are the best for heavy action and ambasistor , tidewater, are the next for fishing heavy on the Mississippi and Missouri for reel's. Now this is on reel's.
    For rod's , chose them according how you want to fish.
    If your fishing for the monster. a 2x4 will work for a rod!
    Use a solid fiber glass or grafit rod for snagging. For action on the rod fishing and action in tention in your hand go with med./ heavy fiberglass. The longer the rod the more casting abillity and direction to where you want it to go for coves and inlett's. You'll get so much action when they hit you'll question if you can land it. And then it turn's out to be a minnow, weighting about 1 and 1/2 lb's. Just compared to what you exspected.Then again, it was fun getting it in wasn't it?
    Ask everyone you see that look's like " don't borther me " and see what they say for now . Then determine what will or might work for now. After you try their suggestion's determine your own concustion's. After all ,we all don't give away all are best fishing goodies!:big_smile:
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    I think you will find your rod will be most limited by the amount of weight you want/need to use. Lets face it, you can get one heck of a fish in on even the skimpiest of rods. For example, the Kansas state record flathead is 132 pounds, and if my feeble memory serves it was caught on 12 pound test and a Zebco 33 reel and rod combo. If you do alot of dam, or fastwater fishing you will undoubtedly be using larger weights and will need a heavier set up. I have two sets of rods I use depending on conditions. For lighter weights I use the med action ugly sticks, and for heavy weights (6-14 ounces) I use the Surge Medium Heavy rods. Your choice of equipment should be based on your needs and what feels comfortable to you. As well, you want to consider the type of reels and line class that you typically use so that your casting performance is maximized. Good Luck on whatever you decide.
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    For the most part I use the Bass Pro Cat Maxx rods. with Penn 209s,309,s and Shakespear Tidewaters. I also have a snaggin rod, and a Penn Slammer rod. They all work well, I haven't had a problem with either, but I haven't really caught anything over 45lbs either. So far, so good.