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Catfishing Reports and Chat about Lake Marion in South Carolina

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Can Anyone Give Me The Latest Info On Action In Lake Marion??
We're Gonna Be Up There For A Few Days Next Week, And A Head Start Would Be Nice.

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Anybody fishing the upper lake at all? No news in a long time here...
Best bet would be to call some of the camps like Blacks,talk to Kevin Davis or Harrys ,talk to Mike Doster.You can get the phone numbers as well as a fishing report at be good as the lake has come up a foot in the last week and they are still pulling water thru the canal.
I was just wondering why this thread hasnt been getting many hits. Anybody catchin on this lake? Hard to believe nobody's got any news. Don't make me get out there and have to find out for myself,lol...Well, it would be nice to hear from u Upper lake guys... Maybe everybody's huntin..
Alright, what's the big secret????? Upper lake reports please...ty
Caught a few cats near the brickyard but nothing over 10 pounds. I wasnt out for to long though. Fishing from my friends pontoon with no fishfinder is really hit and miss.

I just bought a "new" boat and have to partially rewire it, install fishfinder/gps and rodholders before im taking it out. Hopefully that will be before the water temp gets down to 50ish and we have our first shadkills. Should be easy fishing then.
Thank you for the report satisfide...and welcome to the boc...
fished last sat and caught a few cats around 10 lbs .put in at rocks pond and fished in front of sixteen island.windy that morning but calmed down around 11..talked to a few around that area and had caught about 10 or so drifting
How deep were you fishing, scout? How about bait, did you use herring or something else?
fished in about 20' to 35' drifting across the river channel..i went to fishing creek the day before and caught shad for sat,i wash them off good then put them on ice to use later
:sad: Went to lake marion today. Pretty windy at first but calmed after a bit. Not sure where to catfish yet. We had a friend set us up in a couple of places. We used live herring and cut shad. put in at Harrys and ran up to the 53 marker. also went to three trees. they just didn't bite! caught one 10 lb cat. I relly don't know the lake and the good areas to fish but i want to learn. Trying to mark the holes with the G.P.S. Any place that someone can suggest to catch a few? any help WOULD BE GREAT!!!
Not sure where to fish myself but I read a post on a local board that a guy caught a 60# flathead today. Oh if you don't mind to much would fill in your profile just a little so we'll know here abouts you are and your first name. Thanks.
Three trees is an excellent spot because the river makes a big horseshoe turn right there.I have caught a lot of fish where you turn up towards the three trees But I forget the channel marker right there.It might be 58.If you look at the map the flat in the horseshoe bend is good.
I really will not fish hear much in the winter i'm wating for mid Feb. when they go back shallow. Then you can catch some good fish way up in the swamp. I like to put in at stumphole landing and fish the trees. but remember these are spawning blues so throw your big females back. :)
beaufort when you say fish thees what exactly do you mean? thx
i not sure what post your talking about but i might have miss spelled trees. if so i was talking about fishing spawning cats and fishing shallow water 2-6 ft around cypress trees above the state park on marion :)
do you fish under a float or on the bottom? also when is the best time to fish up that far i have wanted to try up that way but alittle scared ot getting lost in the swamps.
I usually fish the upper end of the lake in mid feb. thru mid april. Landings like billups or jacks creek could tell u if the fish have moved shallow yet. I just fish on bottom with shad or herring, but you could use a float. you shouldn't get lost because there is no leaves or greenery on the trees in the swamp and u can see several houses on the hill in the distance from a long way off they should help u keep your bearings.
The lake temperature has taken a steady dive the past few days, hovering around 54 deg. If it continues, maybe the blues will pick up. Bait is already schooling pretty good in some areas, I'm told.
Beaufort Ive always wanted to fish on that end of the lake but have never really had the chance. Ill defintely try it out sometime in feb-march though.
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