Catfishing report from Dec 26 and 27

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    Alexandria, Virginia
    Went to West Point Friday to try to get Rob a big fish - good luck on that goal :confused2: Went up river and marked lots of big fish, but apparently they weren't hungry. Got several in the mid to high teens throughout the day. Went to super secret squirrel hole and put the lines out and couldn't keep lines in the water the fish were biting so fast! I put one line in 5 feet of water and announced that the big fish would bite on that line. All of a sudden the fish stopped biting. I said it was because big daddy was about to hit. 2 minutes later, sure enough big daddy hit the shallow rod. Rob tried to get the rod out of the holder and almost lost it. Then, feeling generous (actually feeling pity for Chris) he hands the rod off. After a short fight, we put a nice 32 pounder in the boat. Nothing else that day, Rob kept letting them get off the hook BEFORE they got in the boat!

    Yesterday I went on the Potomac and caught a few in the 20s and then one nice 47.8 pounder. It was fun to catch because I had an audience. Thanks to the kayakers came over and took pictures for me.
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    Very nice indeed! It's not a report without pictures:big_smile: