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    I have recently joined this site and am learning a great deal of information from the prior posts. A friend of mine and myself have been fishing for a long time and have recently decided to start going for the big flathead in a few of the river-fed lakes near the tuscarawas river. We just cant handle seeing pictures of you guys holding fish bigger than a rottweiler anymore without having some of our own:smile2:. I'm sure that these inquiries are addressed elsewhere on the forum. However i would like to have as much fresh input from the people on this site that know the game.

    1. Have read a lot about different hooks and different preferences. We have never tried round hooks and are curious as to the advantage that this might have over j-hooks or what works best for you all.

    2. For some reason, no bait shops for 20 miles of our favorite fishing hole carry creek chubs. Its not so much of a concern right now to us to keep them alive for longer than the evening hours that we are fishing, but just to keep them swimming long enough to sustain us throughout the night. what works best to keep them alive? have read a lot about keeping brush in with them to give them cover and to keep them covered, but is a minnow bucket the right choice? or should we look into different options?

    3. In our preferred lake to fish, there are known flatheads and nice channels (along with countless other species since it is river fed). we have started looking into trot lines, limb lines, and jugging to make the summer fish frys more bountiful. what technique yields the best results? we have the means to go any of those routes but prefer not to consume our summer with trial and error that may leave us with more questions and fewer answers.

    4. What of using live bait on a float? were not too familiar with their feeding habits yet and wonder how often they feed up. If this is a good way to go, at what depth has worked?

    This is a good start of the unknowns that we are currently dealing with. neither of us come from a long line of fishermen or know a lot of others that pursue these big fish the way that we would like to. any tips or information that you think would be useful would be greatly appreciated. we are both willing to learn and eager to join the ranks of the better catfishermen in the area. Let us know what you think!
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    The most important thing for keeping chubs alive is temperature. I always keep a little ice in the bucket with them.

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    1. I've not used any circle hooks but what I have read and seen if done right letting the rod and hook do their job they seem to work OK. I use Mustad and Tru Turn hooks depending on bait I use sizes #5 to #10.
    2. Buy a cast net and learn to get your own bait that will save you a lot of money. I use a 5gal plastic bucket I drilled 1/4" holes all in it and you can but a lid for just a few bucks that fits it and has a door on it like a bait bucket, more room for larger bait that way.
    3. trial and error
    4. Floats work fine depending on the currant and winds. I keep mine set just off the bottom. Depth depends on where I'm fishing 3ft to 50ft it all depends on the water depth. Usually I'll keep one one bottom w/o float any where I fish.
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    I'll lend alittle.

    1. I have been using circle hooks the last two years exclusively for cats, and they work really well. The cat hooks himself as the bait pulls back out of throut/mouth area thus hooking majority of the time the corner of the mouth and all solid hookups. Keep rod tip down and slightly pull the opposite the travel of the cat, never set the circle hook with a jerk. The circle easily sets itself because of the cat's corner of mouth is fleshy I have had only one cat swallow the hook.

    2. Purchase a minnow trap and place dry catfood or bread inside and place trap in a stream or pocket which holds chubs the day before your adventure. To keep them alive and fresh purchase a cooler large enough to hold approx 2 to 3 gallon of water, then buy a battery operated (D-Cell) air pump with a ball diffuser. Drill hole into top of cooler for airline to pass thru, then mount the pump rto top of lid. Place cool water in cooler keeps bait fresher and livier. I keep 2 dozen chubs/bluegills fresh for going on 10 hours in trunk of car during the sunny day. It's basically a portable livewell. Walmart sell a insulated six gallon bucket with lid which would work perfectly.

    3. Don't know much about jugging only done it twice and had fun doing it.

    4. Just up from bottom and keep bait lively to create a commotion. But you usually have to experiment with the depth, I have caught them 2ft from surface.

    Hopes this helps. Good fishin.