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:0a35: I am looking for some input on trying to plan a trip to the James to try some catfishing with my son this late Spring and Summer (what is best time?) We will be traveling from Valentine, NE.

We want to center our efforts on the section of the river south of the interstate. About the only information I have found for fishing the James has been on this forum and a couple of newspaper articles talking about the state record flathead.

We are more interested in quantity (to keep us busy) than size. Although it would be nice to have the opportunity for both. We would be interested in information on both channels and flatheads.

We have two potential boats that we could use. A 14 ft. jon with a 25hp, that would require some type of boat ramp, and a 15 foot scanoe that we can put a small outboard on and put in about anywhere. The only information I could find on a ramp was one off hwy. 18 near Olivet and Menno. I am sure there are others but don't have a clue.

Also looking for suggestions on bait? Can you catch chubs, goldeye or mooneye in the river to use for cut bait? Can you catch anything for live bait for flathead? Any suggestion for natural or prepared bait?

We have a camper, but with the price of gas it may be cheaper to stay in a motel than continue to enrichen OPEC and Hugo Chavez. It would be nice to know if there are any campgrounds around the river somewhere, whether it be in small towns or recreation areas.

I realize I have almost written a book here but would really appreciate any feedback I could get. We don't have very much time in the summer and want to make the best use of it. We do wrestling camps and summer retreats on our ranch near Valentine and we are going to try to squeeze in a trip or two between our commitments.

I am also new to this forum so I am not able to directly correspond with its' members until I have 10 posts (as I understand it.) I had tried a link to contact a member but was unable to. I don't expect anyone to give out their "secret spot" but would sure appreciate some suggestions. You can also feel free to contact me on the e-mail link on the web link above. Who knows maybe we could trade a stay at our place and a canoe/tube trip on the "wild & scenic" section of the Niobrara R. for some good information.
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