Catfishing Lake Conway

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  1. RAMCTD05

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    Little Rock, Ar
    Hi all, Just wondering where the cats hang out on lake Conway. I am used to fishing the river, and with the rain/level, conway is looking like an option. Any advise on fishing this lake?
  2. Catmanblues

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    Welcome to the BOC David. I'm sure someone will chime in an assist you in that area.

  3. ccat

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    lots of flathead are caught on Conway, especially on trotlines and limblines.
    My advice would be to look up Jerry (Jtrew). He knows that area and has known it for some time now.
    good luck. Post a report if you head that way.
    I bream fish that lake and have for 35 years. It has lots of bream, so there are lots of cats in there too.
    I do know a lot of people catfish down by the dam/spillway. Be careful running in that lake if you haven't............STUMPS.

    CNTRYBOY New Member

    Benton, Ar
    When lake Conway was built they flooded the area around what use to be about 4 ponds/lakes. If you have a deth finder then you can find these lakes where the water drops off deeper. And you can talk to old-timers around there and they may point them out to you. If you can get hold of some older maps of Conway, then they show where these holes are located.

    But be extremely careful running the lake as it is full of old timber and stumps. Those that know the boat lanes well run the lanes a lot faster than I would.

    Lake Conway is full of catfish from Small to large flatheads. There is also a lot of bullheads and channel cats in the lake as well as a abundance of other gamefish. Good Luck and happy fishing!