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Discussion in 'OKLAHOMA RIVERS TALK' started by bigmac, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. bigmac

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    i was just reading a post about catchin shad on the northern shores at keystone and the catfishin being pretty good . i'm not real familiar with the lake ,ive only fished it twice. I'd like to go next week if i get a chance . If someone could give me a good place to put in at and which side to try and catch the shad on and fish I'd appreciate it very much. thanks
  2. jholl949

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    Mannford. Oklah
    I put in at Prairie View or New Mannford ramps, which are in Mannford north of the main light. The main lake is close by and shad shouldn't be too much of a problem. That being said, I haven't been out since before Christmas, :(

  3. ShawnWatkins

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    after this nice little cool front we have had, I am pretty sure the shad will not be stacked up in the coves and along the water lines. i would look a little deeper for bait.. Small shad was extremely easy last week. appalcia bay would be a great starting point as well as bait catchin!!

    heres a pic from last sunday...[​IMG]