Catfishing in DEEP water during the heat

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Team Hold EM Hook, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. Team Hold EM Hook

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    Any of ya'll had any luck catching catfish in deep water (over 40-50 foot deep) during the heat of the summer? I know we have caught them 80 and 90 foot deep before in October. My understanding is that a thermocline will set up this time of year and you are pretty much wasting your time fishing deep water when the heat is like it is now.

    What's ya'lls opinions/experiences about catching em deep in the heat?
  2. BassMassey

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    I've been fishin 10-25 ft of water here last couple of weeks and catching blues and flatheads, but no big ones. Maybe I should be trying deeper water I don't know. I usually fish near deep water but not right in it, either along a creek channel or the actual river channel. I would like to learn more about thermocline, especially here on oconee......which is kinda a unique resovoir because on a daily basis they will drop the water down on my lake as they pump it down to sinclair...........then they will turn it around and pump it back up to oconee.......which creates a decent current. Some say because of this current oconne doesn't develope a thermocline, but I know last fall the lake turned over. For about a week and a half the water was foamy , dingy looking, and had a stench to it. I haven't had any of my live baits die yet due to lack of oxygen.....although I haven't been fishing any water deeper then 30ft. I marked all kinds of bait and fish underneath them lastnight off a ledge of a pretty good hump in about 22ft of water, sat on them for about 2 hours and couldn't bye a bite?

  3. kitsinni

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    I catch them that deep but I am fishing a river and there is current rushing through.
  4. gamaCatsu

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    what ive seen fishing in the rivers around my area is ..the deep water can and will hold larger fish its just harder to find them, deeper water means cooler and the fish will like it more, but fast flowing areas means more oxygen and can cool a fish down alot faster then it swimming as 40ft down, this is from personal exp. ive caught more fish and larger fish in 10ft of fast flowing river water VS deep calm water. mite be a little diff on a lake because there wouldnt be much of a current, but who knows.. if you find out let us know!!