Catfishing in Colorado

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    Hi guys and girls,Im new to this forum,I use to fish in the river near musgokee,ok ,I live in colorado and wanted to find some one here,that knows where the cats are in colorado,great site and I will be sponsoring soon. mark
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    Iam trying to find out the same thing. I have heard of a few but I don't think we will find the caliber of catfish that we are used to down in texas, arkansas and Oklahoma. I personally am from Louisiana.

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    I am also interested in a Colorado report. My brother lives near the John Martin reservoir and I would like to learn something about that area. I visit there a couple of times a year, usually in the spring and again in the fall. He doesn't fish but is happy to go with me when I do. In other words, he is not much help with where to go.
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    I lived in the Denver area for many years and you can catch 5-10 lb. channel cats in Cherry creek res. on the south side of Denver, and also on the south west side of town at Chatfield res. There are also some cats in Pueblo res. I'm sure there are channel cats in alot of the other lakes too, along with "plenty" of bullheads. I don't think you'll run into any flatheads or blues....but there are a lot of large lakes out on the plains in the eastern part of the state that may hold some bigguns. Check with your area G & P office for cat stocking reports. Catfishermen are a small minority in Colo. compared to trout anglers. Good luck,...hope you find 'em!