Catfishing for Early Season Flathead Catfish on Lakes

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by FlatGetter, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. FlatGetter

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    I know on lakes when the water warms channels head for warm water. I would think flatheads will. Shallow coves where crappie spawn is supposed to be a good bet. I dont know how shallow flatheads will go. Channels will move up into 2 & 3 feet of water. Will flatheads move back to the deep water once the temp. starts to drop at night. Mabe a cove that its shallow at the back and gets deeper when it gets closer to the main lake will be a good bet. I dont have much fathead experience fishing lakes.
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    central illinois
    Getter, I think I will play it just as we do on the river. You know how shallow they can be caught there(1-2 ft.). If you think about the fish we caught last year, how many were in water, deeper than 4 ft ? Oh yeah that lake is coverless!! Nothing, I mean NOTHING!! We would probably need a boat with depth finder, to find the drop offs and flats etc,. I don't think it is worth bank fishing without knowing those things.


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    well i like the looks of the gravel pit (since attached to the river) youve told me nick, that fishing deep is difficult because of the fact bluegills dont normally reside there. btw (theres still nice channels in that there lake)
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    In my experience the Flatheads most certainly go shallow in spring, to the tune of 1-2 feet. For a featurless bowl of a lake I would go back to the basics and folloe the wind which pushes the bait, which the predator follows. So warmest part is shallowest, contour of lake bottom they will travel even a 6-12 inch channel line, follow the food.