Catfishing at Clear Creek

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    does any one have any good advise on bank fishing at clear creek in crawford county. i have camped there for about 5 yrs. on the electric side. on only one trip i just cought so many that i was was after the worst weather you could imagin and i was sick as a dog. i give the flooded bank the credit. i was woundering what is the best bait. i camp on the electric side. cut shad? danney king dip bait? what flavor? worms? or?????????

    i havent got to go alot in the past couple of years i got custody of my kids and re maried. so i take the whole crew to th farm and well there coming around.

    the biggest one i have cought at clear creek from the bank was about7.5 lbs.
    i plan to try yoyo's there this year. any one tryed them out there.

    i do have a flat bottom w/ a trolling motor but have only caught a few in it.

    please send me in the right direction.

    thank you much

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    Bryan, Stick with shad and Dk's. Dk's blood or original both work well. On the water as you leave out of the park turn to your left and not to far down on the left you will see a discharge pipe. I won't tell you where it discharges from :wink: but usually you can catch shad there.

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    I used to sit by the dock down there and throw at about a 2 oclock position facing the bank. There is a hole there. I have caught several nice eater blues out of that hole........... Not very deep about 15' but when the water is comin down the creek its excellent fishing. skipjack or shad is all I ever use, so thats all I know to tell ya. In a boat Johnny is right about the discharge pipe, good place for bait, dont let the green color scare ya :tounge_out: Mac