Catfishing around Columbia, Missouri?

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    Hi there folks, new to the site and fairly new to catfishing but I'm hooked more than anything

    Hey, I've been out of the country for about four months now, but I'll be visiting my girlfriend at Mizzou for about a week or so on December 10th. Nothing I'd rather do than catfish, even if it's for the 2-3 pounders. Does anyone know of any decent catfish holes as far as 30-45 minutes from Columbia other than the Missouri River? I'd love to go Big River fishing, but I don't have the tackle, just have a couple junky starter reels and medium-light, medium rods. I tried Finger Lakes State Park in the summer and caught several blues between 4-8 lbs on homemade dough bait (fishing dawn to dusk), but I'm going to try my luck with cut bait next time. If anyone knows of a couple nice catfish spots that are accessible by bank fishing, I'd be most grateful. Haven't gone fishing in more than 4 months and I've been just dying to dip my line in the winter water.

    I've had decent luck at Finger Lakes fishing off the boat ramp, but I noticed about 80% of the time the catfish drags my bait down into the twisted log piles and I end up getting snagged. I countered this by using bobbers, but I realized I had a 20% chance of a successful hookset. Bought circle hooks to counter this, but i don't know how well dough bait can stay no a circle hook. Any advice on a trout fisherman turned catfisherman would be greatly appreciated..
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    hmmm.. Silent crowd.. I'm actually going to be around Columbia to visit some friends as well and I'm wondering if there are any nice lakes as well. There's a lake stocked with trout in the winter time, Bethel Park I believe. they stock catfish in there as well, but i don't know if there are any decent sized fish there..

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    I have'nt tried it,but a couple of buddies of mine recommend rudolph bennet lake (not sure if i spelled it right).It is north of columbia around the clark area then east on b hwy.If you dont mind going a little further Thomas hill lake north of huntsville is a real good wintertime fishery.It is heated by a power plant and rarely freezes over and offers several areas to bank fish.It is pretty choppy if it is windy though.
    good luck,