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Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by miichael, Jun 26, 2006.

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    OK i need some tips you guys. There's a little river where i live average depth is 4-6 feet deep but in the bends of the river there are holes 10-15 feet deep. I caught a 40lb Flathead catfish from the bank in one of the holes during the day. Now I'm hooked but i cant seem to catch anything else. There are log jams all around the bridge pillars water is 2-4 feet deep around the log jams and bream are all in them. There's a bend right next to them with a hole about 15 feet deep. I figured they would lay in that hole during the day and feed around them log jams at night. but then some people say they lay in the log jams in the day but with the sun that hot in 2-4 feet of water i dont know if they would lay there? Any tips on fishing the spot i just described? I caught the 40lb Flathead in the day in the 15 feet hole. i went back a week later at night and fishing the 15 foot hole to catch 3 good size channels cats on live bream. Should i be fishing in the 2-4 feet shallow water around the jams at night? what about during the day?

    Thanks for any advice! I do have a boat so i can fish anywhere on the river.
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    The standard wisdom is that flatheads lay in cover during the day and come out to hunt at night. If there is good daytime cover in fairly deep water, so much the better. It's pretty hard to know what's on the bottom of 15' of water, but all it takes is a good log or stump for them to lie in/near. If there is a real good heavy logjam for them to lie under or in, they will use that, but they'll prefer that it's in at least a few feet or water.

    When they come out to feed at night, they may go up shallow on bars or along the banks. A good deal of big fish are also caught in midriver. Id priobably start at night by fishing around the upper end of the whole where it drops down - maybe in the 5 to 10 foot range, preferrably near but nor in some sort of cover. Also, think in terms of fish moving up or down the river - is there anything to sort of funnel them or cause them to move through a particular spot? Sometimes a little bit of a point or bump on a bank will be a spot that they will have to go by as they travel. This can be a good intercept location.

    I hope this helps some.

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    dang....I think he about covered all of it. Either way, I'd fish the ledge of the hole thats right next to your logjam too. Fish three rods, one in the jam, one on the tip of the ledge, and the other right over the ledge. All baited with that bream your spot has all over it. Good luck.

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    id keep trying both if it was me, a flathead will lay under the log jams in the shade or in deep water, it all depends on whats in its territory, i believe that 40 pounder might have been really defensive over his territory, it may take a while for one to move back in, that might be why you caught those channels after he was gone