CatfishHateMe's Survival Kit

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    This guide will include everything you need to survive for at least a week catching your own food and purifying your own water.

    Pocket Kit- Aluminum Tin w/ Lid (e.g. tobacco tin, Altoids tin)


    #1 Water Purification Tablets

    -75 Yards of 40 Pound Braided fishing line in Moss Green
    -75 Yards of 15 pound Braided fishing line in Moss Green
    -15 Size 14, 8 size 8, 8 size 2 hooks, 2 size 4/0 hooks
    -8 small lead split shot lead sinkers, 8 larger lead split shot sinkers
    -10 small swivels, 10 medium sized swivels

    -15 yards of thin but strong snaring wire

    -small box(15-25) of windproof matches dipped in candle wax and let dry
    -Mini-Bic lighter
    -Small baggy of Cotton Ball and Vaseline mixed together(Fire Starter)
    -Small Magnesium Block with flint
    -5 differnt size sewing needles with at least 100 yards of thread wrapped around.

    -Small Folding knife
    -assortment of safty pins
    -Small Whistle

    Large Boat/Vehicle Kit- Med. Sized Bag with zippered top and carry strap(e.g. soft tackle bag)

    #1 Water Purification Tablets
    -small fishing reel spooled with 8 pound test (a rod can be made later on out of a sturdy stick)
    -Eye Tip for fishing rod
    -Spool of 40 pound braided fishing line in moss green
    -Spool of 15 pound braided fishing line in moss green
    -Small pack of size 14, size 8, size 2, and size 4/0 hooks
    -small pack of assorted lead split shot fishing weights
    -small pack of larger(1-4 oz.) fishing weights, No-Roll or egg
    -pack of small swivels, pack of medium and pack of large swivlels
    -50 yards of thin, strong snare wire
    -box of windproof matches dipped in hot candle wax and dried
    -2 Bic Lighters
    -Waterproof container of cotton ball Vaseline mixture(or perferred fire starter)
    -Multiple sized sewing needles with 1 spool(or more) of thread
    -2 small flares
    -Med Kit(small bottle of Tylenol, 750mg. vicodin, band-aids, bandages, medical tape, anti-biotic ointment, poisen ivy/poison oak/poison sumac creme, ect.)
    -Large Knife
    -4 pair rubber gloves
    -50 feet of rope coiled tightly
    -3 strong rock climbing D-Rings with locks
    -small roll of duct tape

    and of course everywhere you go carry a sharpened knife(were possible) and wear a belt. This may seem a lot to carry but ive got a small tobacco tin with all the items listed in very small zip lock bags(like the ones Big George puts his snelled hooks in) and packed down very tightly and it all fits perfect. look around for people that roll their own cigarettes or smoke pipes, on eBay, flee markets, its not hard to come across one. put everything in the large survival kit in quart to gallon sized ziplock bags to water proof and if possible attach a small brightly colored float to the strap that will keep the pack above water. MOST IMPORTANTLY KEEP THE POCKET KIT SMALL SO YOU ALWAYS CARRY IT AND ITS NOT A HASSLE TO HAVE WITH YOU. IT SHOULD BE SMALL ENOUGH SO YOU CAN CARRY IT AND WITHIN A FEW WEEKS IT WILL BE AN EVERYDAY THING TO PUT IT IN YOUR POCKET WHEN YOU GO FISHING, HUNTING, SCOUTING, HIKING ETC. Also, you should keep one large kit in you vehicle and on in your boat at all times, go back often and replace items that expire such as medicines when they expire. Remember to wrap the pocket kit with water proof tape where there are slits(such as around the lid) to make it water tight. Also, I wrapped my Pocket Kit in reflective metal tape to see it better if dropped and to be used at a signaling mirror if needed.