Catfisherman in Ca needs help getting Shad

Discussion in 'LOCAL CALIFORNIA TALK' started by flathead freak, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. looking for anyone that would be interested in catching and freezing and shipping me gizzard shad in over night mail will pay 50.00 my lake but a ban on netting shad only snagging is allowed and this is just to damn hard 2 days 3 fish
  2. slhamm

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    Seems like I've seen em vacuum sealed at our local wally world. You should find them in with all the dip baits,and processed catfish stink bait.:eek:

  3. vini

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    See if there are any asian markets in you're area, they carry a wide range of fishs frozen.
  4. Deltalover

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    Tracy Calif
    First of all, let me welcome you to the B.O.C. It is always nice to have another Calif member! This site is absolutely the best catfishing forum on the internet! Many, really nice folks and tons of information!
    As for selling shad to you, unless that person has a commercial bait license, selling them is illegal! Also, around these parts in northern Calif, I have only seen threadfin shad! There are times when the rivers are full them and with these nice tempitures they should be coming around now!
  5. bluehunter

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    Los Angele
    Welcome to the BOC. There are some tackle stores that may sell frozen ones in certain places but they are hard to find and is available like every now and then. I for one have never tried them, but I hear that they make great bait from others on this forum.
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    Blue Ridge texa
    Welcome to the BOC. I never have paid for shad, I use a castnet to get all mine. You should see about getting one and learning how to throw it. Not hard to learn. The supper spreader nets are really easy to throw and come with a video, but the net isnt worth a dime IMO I just use the net tell it ripped up and removed the ring it comes with and put it on a better net, the video shows you how to do it not hard at all.