Catfish1 Changed My Thinking

Discussion in 'LOCAL PENNSYLVANIA TALK' started by Spider, Jul 19, 2009.

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    First, I'm glad I came on this site and forum last year! All the reading I've done and still do has given me a completely different viewpoint on catfishing. I didn't know that much and just did what I always have done and that probably cost me quite a few fish over years. This may sound dumb but I always used Eagle Claw Snelled hooks in about #4 & #2 and just figured fish were picking my baits. I used to rig with the sinker on the end and two hooks off the main line about a foot apart with the first about a foot up from the sinker. I still do this occasional to keep bait out of weeds or rocks but no longer even use those hook sizes. Everyone I know and talk to thinks I'm nuts for using hooks even in 2/0 - 3/0. I was amazed that I caught smaller fish with 4/0 - 6/0 hooks. I have all sizes and types from tiny up to 8/0 now. A couple years ago I would have thought somebody was nuts for using the heavy equipment I now have and I guess that shows what I knew. I never would have had lines in the 30#-65# range either. To date, my experience with live bait is limited to minnows but I do plan on changing that also. Tips for keeping chicken liver on the hook helped alot for channel cat fishing and I've even caught a small stripped bass on liver.
    Anyway, thanks to everyone for all the great info and the friendly support/help.
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    That goes for me too.I did not know anything about flatheads untill the night(may30th) i accidentaly caught one on a trout head Next day i typed in catfish on the computer and BOOM catfish1 came up.I'v learned more about fishing in the last month than some people learn in a lifetime.THANKS to everyone

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    I will third this opinion. I have been on for a year now and have gone from catching eater channels, up to decent channels and some decent flatheads. I have become a much better fisherman for this site and would also like to extend my thanks to each and everyone that has helped me out. I have even become a better bait fisherman for it. This site and its members have taken may years off of my learning curve (and boy, did I need it).

    A special thanks goes out to all the PA guys. Great group:cool2::cool2:
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    Larry you have found the right place. Were glad you decided to stay and appreciate all of your input. We all learn together. Thanks.
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    After fishing for over 60+ years-mostly trial and error-I thought I was pretty savvy then I stumbled upon this site and learned I didn't know Jack. Sometimes it's still hard to change years of habit because I'm an old dog but I've never been steered wrong by the guys and gals on here yet. Then there's the added bonus of having the opportunity to meet some really great people who share a common bond. Thanx for the caring and sharing attitudes. Stay safe and remember, If you can't hook a hawg just be happy to stick a pig!!!:wink:
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    i was right there with ya larry, i used #1 eagle claws, chicken liver, and fished the same areas i fish now and never caught a flatty, then last sept. i went to my exact same spot i fished for many years and tossed out a sunny and bam... 23# flatty the first nite usein sunnies, after that i never looked back and left the liver at home. a month after that i changed all my gear and after some trial and error with different lines and hooks and reading up on what to use and gettin tips from fellow members i'm real confident on my set-ups i use today, if someone told me last year i'd be catchin 20-35# catty's i'd think they were crazy, what a difference a year makes:wink:
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    I too am learning alot from this site and more than anything its giving me something to do with my time. I am taking my wife fishing tonight to Medicine Lodge lake just to get out of the house I know we wont catch any huge fish but we will be outside on the water and that is good enough for me at this time but after we get moved Im going to try and find some place where we can catch some bigger fish I would love to see her with something 20# + on the line she only weighs 106 so it will be something to see lol thanks to all for sharing all your tips tricks and other magic with everyone.
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    Great post Larry:wink:


    Good post Larry!Thanks. You just uncovered the tip of the iceberg,once you start getting into the bigger live baits,you,ll be opening a whole other chapter!:wink:.Continued good fishing and sucess,your hooked now,no turning back.:crazy:

    SGTREDNECK New Member

    I agree with you all on here. I have learned alot about catfishing from the BOC. Too bad I haven't been able to use what I have learned yet, but I am sure it has worked. I will let you know in October. Thanks to all for all the good info and all the stories and pictures. Keep em coming. Andrew