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Catfish tournaments

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I dont know if this topic has been brought up in the new site or not....

What are everyones opinions on Catfish contests??

I recently attended the weigh-ins of two contests held in Minnesota. I saw a total of 9 fish over 30lbs brought in for weigh-in that were dead. With all the rules and regulations for these contests, it is quite hard to keep a big fish alive for a long period of time.

I think its a trajedy to see these people killing all these big fish. Some people just dont care whether or not the fish dies...and that sucks. :cursing:
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Well I'm the president of maryland chapter of ACATS on we will have polygraph test at random tournaments if not all of them. All fish must be alive to count and if its a big fish someone will be there to check it in anytime doing the tournament . It is you goal to keep them all alive and return them back to catch again. so if you can't fish by the rules then you don't need to be in ACATS.
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