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Catfish tournaments

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I dont know if this topic has been brought up in the new site or not....

What are everyones opinions on Catfish contests??

I recently attended the weigh-ins of two contests held in Minnesota. I saw a total of 9 fish over 30lbs brought in for weigh-in that were dead. With all the rules and regulations for these contests, it is quite hard to keep a big fish alive for a long period of time.

I think its a trajedy to see these people killing all these big fish. Some people just dont care whether or not the fish dies...and that sucks. :cursing:
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I agree with what you said, I just wish people could be more honest, so maybe the rules wouldnt have to be so tough.
A few of the tournaments here in MN have the 1 fish per person rule....the only drawback....weigh-in begins at the end of the tourney. if someone catches a fish at 6pm and has to wait until 6am to weigh-in, it makes it tougher to keep it alive.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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