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    Hello, I need some advice. I live on the Hennepin Canal in Illinois it's maybe 8' deep and oh i wanna say 100' across it goes for about 120 miles with locks and aquaducts over creeks along the way my stretch is about 5 miles. My question is I used to live in Nebraksa and caught channels all the time. But now I need a different method besides bottom fishing. I would like to try some live gills cuz we could catch em all day out there.

    The bottom is full of weeds, and a lot of lillypads when it gets warmer, right now it's pretty clean. I am planning on getting a abu 6600 or 6000c3
    this weekend and I want to break it in properly:wink:. I know there are some big flatheads out there ( I have never caught a flathead) and lots of channels.
    I won't eat catfish out of that canal... just blugill and crappie out of there lol, I just want to catch some big boys. I will take all the advice you guys are willing to give, such as rigs, floats, presentation, tackle, bait, and time of day. I haven't caught a catfish for almost 3yrs just bassin'
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    I have never fished the Hennepin Canal. But i have fished the I&M canal. The way that i catch them here is bottom fishing but i do know of people having a lot of luck using bobbers. I would rig it up so that you suspend the bait about a foot or two off the bottom near any trees you see laying in the water. and if it has a little current to it let it just float down the canal kinda like drift fishing. But as for bait i would use cut bluegill. i know that works here on the I&M for channels. hope this helps if not try what u know best about catfishing.

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    Welcome to the BOC Adam. I would get some big bobbers or some balloons and suspend different baits. Also if you're gonna target Flats use the liveliest bait you can find. Caught a 39 inch flat last year with a live gill suspended 5 foot under a bobber.
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    Search untill you find any kind of different structure. A downed tree, chunks of concrete that somebody dumped in there, heck even old appliances. Cats will hang out near these in higher concentrations because of the lack of depth and current. look for anything different than the surroundings.:wink: