Catfish Territories?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by AllenM, May 28, 2006.

  1. AllenM

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    Somebody told me that they read that catfish are territorial and tend to stay within about 100 yards of a certain area for the majority of their lives. Any truth to this? Cause when the lake was low I found a TON of HUGE holes that looked like cat spawning nests and am thinking that would be a good indication of where to be fishing now that the water's up again.
  2. RIP

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    Somerville, Tennessee
    I have also heard this, if you know where these places are I would sure fish them.

  3. Cat King

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    I would definately fish those holes
  4. Dreadnaught

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    I have heard that Flatheads are territorial creatures, But Blues and channels are kind of nomadic in their habits. Not saying that blues and channels won't return to the same place year after year to spawn.
    Blues will run in schools as will channels. That is what makes me think that they will roam around a lake or river in search of shad or other baitfish.
    Flatheads are the ones that will pretty much stay in one area for a lifetime unless something catastophic happens to their habitat and makes them move away from it.
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    I had sorta concluded that the little channels school up in small groups, or "pods" as I've been told they call it with cats, but when ever I've caught the bigger ones it's been some time before a good bite. I've been out hauling in 1 pounders every ten or so minutes, then nothing for a half hour to two hours, then gotten a nice sized one out of nowhere all of a sudden, then nothing for a while after that until the next decent one hits. Sorta made me think the bigger ones travel more or less out on their own and smaller ones pod up for safety in numbers or something.

    As for the holes, I'm gonna be getting out there and hitting them soon as I can get a chance and a buddy to go along. I just get too bored night fishing by myself.
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    Channels do school as well as blues untill they reach larger sizes.However blues are very agressive feeders,I have read they move miles in a 24hr. period to get below a dam when the flow is turned up.As was said in other posts all cats have faviorite spots to spawn,feed,and rest.How often do we humans eat at a resturant we haven't visited before?Marketing studies show we tend to eat,and shop places we have been before.I'd fish those holes now that the waters up.