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  1. Mac-b

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    North Caro
    Where did you catch the cat ? Their responce was:

    Above the bridge/below the bridge
    Do you remember where we caught that nice cat three years ago, there.
    I fished with a buddy and he asked me not to tell.
    It was dark, I don't believe I could find that place again.
    Up the river/down the river.
    Last time I told someone where I caught fish, they went back wiped it out.
    I can't tell you, the spot is only big enough for one boat.
    My memory is so poor, I just can't remember exactly where I caught them.

    Your bud tells you about the big one that got away.

    I caught a big one, but it got off.
    I had him, but the line broke.
    Got him to the boat, but the net was too small to get him in.
    I would have got him in if he had not pulled so hard.
    I had him at the boat and the hook fell out of it's mouth.
    I had a 60 pounder on and he came unwrapped ten feet from the boat.
    I caught more if you count the one that got away.

    Your bud goes fishing and gets home and calls you to tell you why he got skunked.

    They were biting good yesterday, we must have caught all of them.
    They were hitting a certain type of minnow, but you can' get them now
    We had a full moon the night before.
    Wind was blowing out of the NorthEast
    It was too hot
    The water was clear as glass
    The water was muddy
    Too much fresh water from the recent rain
    Water was dingy, we need some rain
    I left my favorite lure at home
    I never catch fish when my bud goes with me
    I only got tail bites
    They were not aggressive today
    My hook kept turning into the bait
    I only had frozen bait and they did not want it
    I was using live bait and they wanted cut bait
    Too many boats in the area. PWC ran the fish off.

    Two fishermen talking to each other on the cell phone while fishing.

    Catching any fish. Responce, yep. Where, over younder. Or, catching any fish, responce nope. But he has his stringer full and some in his live well.

    Got any extra bait, nope, just got enough for today. He has so must bait that it is dying and floating in his bait tank.

    Marking any fish on your sonar. Responce, just a few every now and then. His screen is blacked out with bait and/or he has some arches that cover half his screen.

    How long are you going to fish. Responce, I'm about ready to give it up. He fishes until dark and has his best day ever and you read about it on the BOC.

    Caller says, if you get on fish, give me a call and the other fisherman say ten four good buddy, I'll do that. You hear nothing from him the rest of the outing and then again, you read his fishing report on the BOC and he had a great day and got his/her PB.

    This is the best I can do at this time, I bet you guys and gals have a few of your own that you have heard. Care to share them.
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    People ask... "you been fishing lately?"
    I say "Nope"
    However I've stopped at about 6 canals to fish on the way home every day this week. No big trips though so i didn't "go fishing"

    People ask... "you caught any fish lately?"
    I say "Nope"
    Last week I caught about 9 extra large bluegill but that's just bait ya know... and I didn't count the 2 lb flathead or the 1/2 pd bass ... to small to consider.

    What can I say my perception of it is different. I didn't make a special trip to go fishing and I don't count small fish that are not my target fish *shrug*

  3. Mac-b

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    North Caro
  4. BKS72

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    East of KC
    If I know other guys are out I'll call if I get a nice fish. Shoot, I might call 3 or 4 if it's a real big fish:smile2: Or other guys will call and ask how it's going if we're fishing near each other. Most of the people that would call me about fishing, I have no problem telling them when, where, and how. And I assume that's reciprocal, but you never know:wink:

    And definitions of slow are relative. If I catch 3 or 4 fish in a night, that's a busy night for me on the river fishing for blues or flatheads. To somebody used to drifting a lake, that's like watching paint dry:smile2: So if I tell them the bite's been good and take them fishing they probably assume I've been telling stories:big_smile:

    Same for big. I don't usually even bother with a weight or picture unless they look like they're 30 or better. Not that I catch that many big fish, but unless the bite is terrible and somebody is looking to find out where they're biting I usually won't mention them other than "a couple of small ones, nothing of any real size".
  5. Arkansascatman777

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    every time me and Sam find a good spot we put an X on the bottom of the boat so we can find it again:wink::smile2:.

    BIG GEORGE New Member

    My all time favorite. Backin the boat down the ramp around 6am on a weekday. Fella comes rollin up in his van. I imagine he was just doin a recon. Says," Hey ya goin fishin?" I looked at em and said no ya dumba$$ we are goin bear huntin. If theres any other way to answer that question please enlighten me. :wink:

    That and the old shoulda been here yesterday and wait till tommorow.:smile2:
  7. uttatoo

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    greatbend kansas
    people ask me where did you catch the hogs and i say

    in the water!!!!
    they say where at the river i say yup!!!!!!

    then they say where at in the river???
    i always tell them someplace tottaly in the wrong direction so not to have every fisherman in my hole:roll_eyes:
  8. TheRiverRat

    TheRiverRat Member

    ha ha ha lol its cruel but hey you worked to find that spot and you shouldnt give it up so easy
  9. kscathunter

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    glad to see im not alone in feeling this way
  10. jtrew

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    Little Rock, AR

    Actually, I can think of a couple of other ways:

    "Naw, we're just taking the boat out to sink it so we can collect the insurance on it."

    "Nope. We're filming an episode for the upcoming Jeff Foxworthy show. Smile, you're gonna be on TV! Heeere's your sign."
  11. TheRiverRat

    TheRiverRat Member

    ha ha lol were did you come up with that one