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    This idea may have come up before. Has there ever been a catfish tagging system suggested for BOC. Can you imagine a BOC fisherperson to catch a flathead or channel clearly a trophy, and see another BOC member had caught that fish previously. This would clearly speak highly of the group, any member seeing the BOC tag would be inclined to release the fish. Can you imagine listing a post in an area stating you caught and released a cat with BOC #member#. I am not familiar with tagging systems so this may not be conceivable, but it may allow a trophy to swim away either by a BOC member or not. Just thinking out loud.
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    your idea would be neat for sure, but i dont know if i would like having taggs in the fish i caught or not. they used to have taggs like that for bass n stuff but havent seen them in a long time. i think they outlawed that kinda stuff in most places. ill have to look into our regs on that one.

    think out loud anytime mike



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    i would think that would be illegal. to tag fish unless your a researcher with a permit and a good reason other than bragging rights. not positive. but i almost bet on it.

    actually i just looked into the regs for il in the book. it says anglers are strongly advised not to tag fish caught in public and private waters. so guess its not illegal here. but i just dont like the idea. just something to get infected and kill some fish. if a guy really wants a trpohy to be released and live i wouldnt suggest it. but its not against the law here i guess.
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    Yelp a light bulb ( Ideal ) for sure.
    I perfer not to get into that kind of stuff.
    I'm not a trophy hunter.
    What I mean by that. I dont fish/hunt for them but I do fish/hunt. It's possible a trophy
    will come up in the catch one day. I'll take it but I go for fun , food, balance.