catfish tackle box's?

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  1. rmoran171

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    What goes everyone use for a tackle box or bag? I have a BPS tackle bag and im not pleased with it, it hold 5 trays. IS there something out there that is stickly made for cat fisherman? Maybe a real big box that is water tight and holds big trays one for weights, hooks/rigs, so forth and so on? Just wonderin what other people might be useing to store there tackle.
  2. jason454ci

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    I got the biggest tackle bag that the wal mart here carries. Got sinkers in one plastic box and hooks, swivels and stuff in another. I keep my rain gear, scales, bobbers, glowsticks, scissors, knife, hatlights, gloves, sunglasses, stringer, tape and probably a few other things that I forgot in it. There is still room left over too. It ain't exactly water tight but it sure does get the job done.


    BIG GEORGE New Member

    Look in the library. Theres quite a few articles on tackle organization in there.
  4. MAX1955

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    ryan I have been using bass pro 360 for years now, and I keep all I need for catfishing in it. I use one hard box for my sinkers, and swivels. I store my hooks, knives, extra line, floats, pliers, lantern, 16 oz. tank of gas, flashlights, and more. I bought it on sale. I did have one problem with a zipper a few years ago and had no problem retuning it. I didn't have it a month when that happened. I also use a plano 1119 box, its a two sided box. I like this box because you can see whats in the box and its durable. This is what I will grab when I'm going fishing for a few hours.
  5. BKS72

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    I just use one of the Plano one sided clear plastic boxes, maybe 12" x 18". Not much in it but 3 or 4 sizes of hooks, couple of different sizes of swivels, and your other basic stuff - digital scale, pliers, headlight batteries. My lead pretty much stays in cottage cheese or butter containers in a storage compartment on the boat. Kind of sad I can fit all the tackle I own in both hands, but it works for me:wink: Good Luck!

  6. joadb

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    i use the cabelas advanced angler series comes in handy if you got to walk a ways holding buckets and rods.
  7. whiteriverbigcats

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    I have a Quantum takle bag ( Box ). Has 4 trays in it.. 1 tray has sinkers, beads and 5 different size hooks,
    another has smaller sinkers, hooks,beads, swivels,knife

    another has bass and crappie lures and such..

    and the last one has suringes, pliers, knifes, bobbers, stringers, and first aid kit.
    It also has four pouches.. 1 holds 5 spools of extra line, 2 holds knifes, lures knife sharpner
    3 holds lures, extra sinkers and an assortment of buzzbaits

    and the 4th one has large river and lake bobbers, carolina sinkers, first aid kit, scale, pliers, saw, stringers, bass pro shop catalog, and DNR resorce mag for the state of Indiana.. oh and a camera and photos of cats from the past..

    Did have a holder on the top for a fishing licence but it rain once and ruined it so i just dont use it... but have had it 4 yrs..

    it even has velcro straps for carrying two poles
  8. john catfish young

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    I have several monster boxes that hold all my tackle. When I go fishing though I carry a very small plano box( 4"x8" ) that holds just the things I really need.......hooks,sinkers and swivels and leader line.:wink:
  9. catfish_clayton

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    I use a five gallon bucket with a seat lid for my tackle box. Inside it I carry a piece of nylon rope for a stringer, 2 small plano tackle boxes, one with all my hooks in it and the other with all my sinkers. I like this set up because I mostly bank fishing and I can throw just about anything I'd need into it.
  10. porboy

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    I use old diaper bags from garage sales and backpacks to hold my tackle. Plenty of room in both and easy to carry.
  11. tncatfishing

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    I have a large plano tackle box. Has 4 clear boxes in the bottom plus storage for lures, the clear boxes have , crappie lures in one, bass lures in one, hooks in another, crank baits in the other, have another clear box with lures too. In the top of the tackle box houses my weights, more lures, some set leaders already made, extra line, 2 set of needle nose pliers, 3 different sizes of slip floats, some flie fishing lures and alot of other stuff crambed in it. Still not enough though, its kinda like an addiction.
  12. Ruger 454

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    I can not talk about these sorts of things,my wife might read this!!!!:wink:
  13. darkthirty

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    bank fishing you can't beat a garage sale backpack. Zip lock sandwitch bags & plastic bottle water proof your goodie .just throw it in your truck or mine & your ready to go . i got & uncle he 88 years old ,he carries a womens shoulder bag far as long as i can remember. Keep your hands free for bait buckets &poles.
  14. catfishscotty

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    if fishing from a boat i love them plano boxes 8 x 12 or so and coffe can with lid for sinkers . when i was doing alot of bank fishing a 5 gallon bucket with a lid was hard to beat for my gear hooks, sinkers, flashlights,scales,knife,shad net ect. and worked as my chair thats why i liked the lid, also the bucket had a nice handle.
  15. GaryF

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    That's what I use, too. Best forty bucks I have ever spent.
  16. jeffjbeard

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    A man who knows when to keep silent LOL
  17. CaptainBrad

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    I am a part time walleye fisherman and I can tell you about carrying a huge tackle box. I used to have a Cabelas bag with 12 of the biggest trays you can find. If I was going to fish with someone in their boat I nearly had to rent a crane to lift the thing out of my boat and into theirs. I also used to have a big tackle box for cats as well.

    In the spring of 2005 I went through each tray and decided that I didn't use most of the stuff I carried around with me. I now have everything neatly packaged on a shelf in the garage. (As someone said in another thread "it is inventory") I keep 1 tray for my catfishing stuff in a mid sized back pack with my rain gear and other must have stuff. At the end of a day of fishing I simply replenish my box from the "inventory"

    For that stuff to catch "the other fish" (walleyes) I got a bag that holds 4 trays. All my stuff is in it's specific box on the shelf and I only pack the trays I need for that day.

    Packing light is the only way to go. No more sore backs, strained shoulders or need for a crane to transport my gear from my truck to the boat.:wink:
  18. DCcatfisher

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    Old rebel three tray tackle box that I have had for about 15 yrs, a few different size and styles of hooks, various weights and styles of sinkers, some corks, crappie jigs, leader material, can opener, and swivels
  19. ratkinson

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    I use a five gallon bucket set up as well, but, I have a bucket caddy bag on the out side for extra storage.
  20. MAX1955

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    I like the idea of a five gallon bucket with a lid, sure sounds practical.