Catfish steaks

Discussion in 'The BOC Diner' started by ncfowler, May 27, 2007.

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    the other day i was cooking salmon steaks on the grill, while they were sitting there sizzling golden brown, it came to me why not catfish steaks on the grill, yesterday i got a nice 8lb cat and figure for the sake of trial and error to make it into steaks, after skinning the cat i cut it into 2" steaks and soaked them in buttermilk for a hour then salt and pepper, and grill them, remember to oil up the grill just before putting on the steaks so they will not stick. ( Here a hint on oiling up the grill use a good quality oil spray, "i have a spray bottle i got form pamper cheft i fill up with my own oil" after oiling it watch the grill top and when the oil gets a dull wipe it with a dry cloth.) I want to try leaving on the skin and cooking that way and then pulling it off after it is done so it will stay moist, but question if the skin will effect the taste of the fish, i heard that you should never cook the skin of the catfish or eat it if anyone has any info in this please post, well the cat steak tasted great, we had corn on the cob, string beans, cold slaw, and sweet tea.
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    Jeff, Sounds great!
    I like to bake the filets sometimes, sealed in foil with butter and lemon, but never thought of soaking the fish in buttermilk.

    Not sure I'd wanna try leavin the skin on, though. From what I've read, the oil glands in the skin are what produce the cat's "slime", so if left on, it'd give the fish a rather muddy taste.

    Thanks for the tip and happy grilling :lol: