Catfish spawn is on

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    well me and vern (vlparrish) my brother hit the ohio river today bout 2pm we took my boat 16'river jon luanched at milton ky and headed down river .castnet a few shad at a drain pipe and crossed the river till we found 25' of water and started driften the wind was gustin fairly well and the current wasnt to bad bout half way cross the river we hit to channel cats in 40' of water on bloody shad both cats weighed round 3 lb each .we then upped the rods and ran down a lil ways and tried a log jam after 30 min with no bites we head down further and caught fresh shad and drifted again this time in 40' when we hit a ledge of 25' we both caught a small blue bout 2 or 3 lbs one of them was full of eggs and her bung hole was swollen she had a pink spot bout the size of a half dollar . we then headed for another spot and ancerd in 16' with a ledge bellow us bout 20yards and cast so our baits could fall in a crevace that was 40' deep we had fresh shad on 12 rods we had several bites and vern lost a fish half way in said he couldnt keep up with it reeling .we sat there for couple hours and wham vern caught a blue cat bout 20 lb it had a scuff on its nose bout the size of two half dollars and both its side fins where broke off and bleeding she also had a swollen bung hole and was full of eggs shortly after that i caught a flahead bout 2lb then we headed back up the river to the ramp it took a hour and a half to get back and load the boat . we caught a few hope everyone is or was having as good a luck your freind chuck ps all fish were released
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    Good to hear a report I'll be on the river Friday & Saturday I hope to catch a few...Abu65