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    Well we go to the fall bite here on the IL. and a busy time of the year for most of us so i like to think of this as the closing of another year of catfishing.As a overview how was every ones season.Ours was alright at the best,they never really got turned on for very long.Now we caught some fish every time but we worked real hard some times.As a rule we CPR.on a average trip 24 fish from 4 to 20 pounds not this year.Put enough fish in freezer to cook up this winter and that was about it.Our average this year and i keep a journal every year was nine fish average weight was 3 pounds.Biggest this year was 15 pounds.It was also the coldest year we have had,and river was also flooded more than 79 days here so this all playes in.So give me some feed back did anyone do better or worse here on the IL. north of Chillicothe. or anywhere on the Il. God Bless john:confused2:
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    I got to admit... this was one nasty year for fishing. It seems temperatures were uncooperative and if that was looking just right, the rain would come and flood the whole dang thing scattering the fish. I don't think the fish even knew what they were supposed to do half the time.

    I must admit though, overall, it was some real hard stuff for me. I normally do okay at Rend being a pure novice out there and knowing little about the lake, this year I felt that you really needed to know what the heck you were doing. A novice just wasn't going to hack it!

    Baldwin Lake... up until last weekend had been some HARD fishing. Throwing everything at them and nothing. The massive fish kill there due to water temperatures peaking over 100degrees is never a good thing.

    Last year for me was hardly any better. It -was- better than this year. That much I do know! I really do not wish for another repeat of a flooded season next season... or worse yet a complete drought. Went through too many prop blades and damaging equipment because logs in the middle of nowhere decided to make themselves known!!!

    Let's just hope for a calm and peaceful season with adequate rainfall for farmer's crops but yet dry enough not to continue with the flooding issues we have all experienced in one form or another.

    Cheers John! Let's hope that the fall feeding will be just what we been waiting so patiently for ALL season before we put the rods up and store the equipment for old man winter.

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    :0a27:they never really got turned on for very long
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    It was "hit,or miss" on the Wabash this year. As mentioned above,nothing was constant.:confused2: High water,low water,bite on,bite off,ect. We caught a few "nice" fish,but nothing really big. Average fish was around 2 1/2-4 lbs. Caught a few Blues,Flatheads,but mostly channels. We mainly use cut/live bait,but this year the "dip" bait was the weapon of choice. We went out yesterday and caught channels 1 1/2-3lbs.(14 fish) in the deeper water 6-8 ft holes (the water is really low here)!:embarassed:We beat the brush piles to death,with no luck,with live BG/cut bait(been this way all year)!:eek:oooh: The guy's that fish the river alot (old timers) claim, since the asian carp invasion has hit the river,the fishing has gone down hill! We can go out and catch fish,about anytime we go,but not the size of fish we are after. It's still great to be out on the river though. It's has started raining here,and is forcasted to continue most of the week. I hope it does. Maybe the fall "bite" will be on? I feel like Charlie Brown,waiting for the "Great Pumpkin"! Ron
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    Very poor year for us too. Illinois R. was up and down for us too. Catch a few each trip here and there. Sangamon had a good bite until late July. Set lines helped with the winter fish frys. The lakes and ponds were the place to be around here, but even then it was hit and miss. Had one owner that wanted about 50lbs of fillets for a family fish fry and we ended up getting him some from another place. We dropped a basket in to see what was in the pond and it always had a few that we released. Fishings over for us this year as bow season opens Oct 1st then its trapping season and gunseason. Might take up crocheting next year, probably be cheaper and more productive,lol. Long Johns has a dollar menu now,lol.
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    i did okay.....not so much on the mississippi (i'm an alton native)....i seemed to kill on the lakes though.....beaver dam and gordon moore filled my freezer....did catch hold of a 25# flat...i'd say an average per day of around 4 fish at average weight of 5#.....probably fished a good 25 days this season....that's just about the non decimal average i had...