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The Catfish Rescue Home page.

What is the purpose of Catfish Rescue and those who sign the petition?
From the header on the signature page from the petition.
[QUOTE]We the undersigned petition State and Local Government to ban the use of catfish procured from public waters from being used in the operations of pay lakes. We also ask that catfish be given game fish status and limit sport fishermen to one catfish per day over 34 inches and commercial fishermen to none.[/QUOTE]

What will Catfish Rescue do with the petition?
Representatives such as Ken Freeman, Phil King, and other well established spokesmen will attend State hearings to contribute a voice for the Sport Catfisherman. Your acceptance of this mission, and support on this petition will be the power needed to defend our public waters from exploitation.[/QUOTE]

What can you do to help?
Sign your name to the petition and tell everyone you know about it. Friends, family, club members, co-workers, etc.

What do you get from this petition?
The satisfaction of knowing you did your part to protect the sport of catfishing, which we all enjoy.

Who has added there support?

How do you add your support?
Please include in the first box. Your first and last name.
Second box. Your home state.
Third box. Support, yes or no.
Fourth Box. Your email address if you chose to include it.

Please Note:
Both your first & last names, and your home state are required for your signature to be added to the petition.
Your email address (if included) and complete IP address will not appear on the web site's list of supporters.
Again, we must have both first & last names and home state for your support to be added. If your are submitting your family members keep in mind that each and every signature added to the petition must have the necessary information submitted for each person to be added to the petition.

Currently there are several requests to be added to the petition that we can not add because they are missing necessary information. If you have, in the past, signed the petition and do not see your name on the list of supporters. You will need to re-sign the petition to add your support. I have went back through all the request and added every name that entered the required information.

Thanks again to all that have given your support and to all that will be adding your support.

A closer look at the first photo.

Catfish Rescue Staff Member.
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