Catfish Question (Pictures)

Discussion in 'LOCAL OHIO TALK' started by tcba1987, Oct 17, 2006.

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    Dennison, Ohio
    Just a question for you guys, a few weeks back i had a HUGE falling out with a ex-buddy of mine because i told him he needed to start taking pictures of some of his big FLATTIES that he is always catching. I ALWAYS take pictures of my catches for bragging rights and to PROVE that i catch the fish (C-P-R). CATCH PHOTOGRAPH and RELEASE. He went ballistic and we havent spoken since, says he doesnt need to prove to anyone that he catches any of the fish he catches, just my opinion.....I think if you CATCH a BIG FISH for the body of water that you are fishing you should get a picture. I had several people ask me why is he always catching these big fish and not taking pictures have you ever SAW any of these 30 lb + flatties that he says he is catching and i tell them NOPE ive never SAW any thing anywhere near that big from him this summer. needless to say our friendship is over , over this disagreement. i just wondered if you all thought pictures were necessary if you are gonna continously make post on sites about BIG FLATTIES that noone saw you catch ??? People think he is a BIG BSer, i personally do too, it was kinda odd if i caught a 10 lb fish and hed post about a 15 he caught, id post about a 15 and the same day hed post about a 22 lber. that is what got the whole arguement started, id have pictures of my fish and he NEVER does and i asked him why and he went off. i KNOW alot of other people thought he was just trying to one up me everytime i caught a fish, just wondered what you alll think pictures or no pictures ???
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    Some don't post pictures and some don't post names...
    At any rate, I'd be a little more selective in friends...
    I don't know what it is, but it's in great condition.

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    Sounds to me like he's tryin to one-up you and is jealous.IMO,if he got that mad about you just asking him that,he didn't sound like a good buddy to begin with.It doesn't matter to me if you take pics or not,I'll believe you unless you're a proven liar.I try to take pics of most of my fish but I don't get pics of all of them.If someone don't believe I caught them,Oh Well.Life will go on.I wouldn't let this bother you,just keep on catchin them cats!!!
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    Ha Ha. Yes, I agree. He needs to start taking pictures of his BIG ONES. My husband and I have been catching alot of fish lately. Mind you, no BIG ones, just alot of fish. We would catch 20-30 fish in a day (we catch and release). Then we would come home and tell his boss and friends how much fun it was and how we caught so many fish. Well, his boss said, "Stop talking, and start showing" So we photograph alot of the fish we catch now. Mostly the big ones. Needless to say, I dont have many pictures yet. Good luck with your friend,