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I just did an initial thoughts video of the Catfish Pro rods and reels. Video below. Here are some of my thoughts from the video:

1. The rod is very light weight. It weighs under a pound and is lighter than an Okuma Battle Cat.

2. The heavy action rod is very stiff and feels very strong for such a lightweight rod.

3. The rod does not crack when I bend it. I've had some new rods in the past crack when I bend them (sound).

4. The split handle turns me off a little. It may be bad with some rod holders?

5. The way they describe what materials go in the rod strikes me odd (two types of glass and carbon). Isn't that composite?

6. Color is good for day and night fishing. Glow in the dark tip is the icing on the cake.

7. Neither rod or reel have country of origin on them. The reel defiantly looks like a Chinese reel. That doesn't mean it's a bad reel! Some people love reels that are similar to it.

8. Loud clicker and solid feeling reel (nothing feels loose).

9. Reel capacity is lacking. I think its more than a Catmaxx but half of what an Okuma CLX-300 can hold. I had a fish last weekend that would have spooled it in a boat if it had +40 pound mono on it.

Overall it seems like a good combo and was well worth me buying.

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