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    January 21, 2008

    Dear Anglers,

    My name is Paul louderback and I have been a resident, fisherman and sportsman license holder of Tennessee all my life. I, personally, know the treasure that we have in our state, the trophy catfish. I have fished all across this country. Now, certain commercial fishermen have brought forward an effort to jeopardize not only the trophy catfish, but what is becoming a growing tourism attraction and resource of Tennessee.

    The minority group of commercial fishermen have joined together to fight the laws placed on protecting trophy catfish including a proposed law to stop the transportation of trophy cats across state lines with the intention of sale and would like to see the current 34 inch limit lifted in my opinion to:

    1 .Exploit the markets and profit from the damaging effects of the population of our catfish.

    2. They believe in the myth of over abundance of catfish in Tennessee. This is not true of trophy catfish. They, in comparison, to other catfish are a rarity.

    3. They would have you believe they want to harvest big fish for consumer purposes. As a former owner of the Historical Botel Restaurant in Pickwick, TN. and the son of a commercial fisherman, I know the catfish market and its demand is for fish of 1-3 pounds, not trophy catfish which exceed 34 inches.

    4. Trophy catfish are wanted by these fishermen to be harvested and sold to pay lakes in other states and I have seen these practices first hand. Big cats take decades to grow and by removing them it can take years to replace, if at all. By taking these fish, they also remove the potential gene pool to create more such fish.

    All other wildlife in Tennessee is protected in some way, why now are we trying to lift this protection for the catfish? If this same practice was being conducted against Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass the sport fisherman would be outraged! Why are we the sport fisherman of the catfish not doing the same? The commercial fishermen have united and are represented at all TWRA meetings and at Tennessee Senate Hearings. I now call upon the sport fisherman to unite with me as I will be attending an upcoming meeting to lend a voice for the sport fisherman and show this group that anglers from the state of Tennessee and other states as well who buy license from this state to fish for Trophy catfish far out-weigh this minority group of commercial fishermen by far and we are tired of selling the future of our sport and our resources to other states. We are also selling our future resources, both financial and natural. Yes, it seems profits are made now, but once these trophies are gone, they are gone. The trophy catfish takes years to produce and needs to be protected! Major pressure from commercial fishing from a large corporation could deplete our resources in only a year or two with large corporations harvesting. Would we then go to the very states we gave our commodity to and have to buy it back?

    In closing, I ask that you please join me by signing on to the petition below to let the legislators and law makers of The State of Tennessee, know once and for all leave our laws in place to protect our catfish. The sport fishermen are united and ready to stand in thousands and say we vote, we buy fishing licenses from The State of Tennessee and we want to keep the current regulations in effect, which is now in danger of being rescinded and do more to protect the sale of our catfish to pay lakes and ponds than protecting them in our own waters. It is never easy to be a pioneer and trailblazer in any facet of life. I struggle in this endeavor everyday in promoting the sport of Catfishing in the great outdoors. But as with our forefathers, who broke away from tyranny and great state pioneers such as Davy Crockett and Andrew Jackson, who stood apart from others, our current protection law too makes a standard for others to follow, admire and from which we and our children will greatly benefit.

    Thank you for your time in reviewing this. I hope you will seriously consider my comments and defend the laws to protect our catfish by electronically signing this petition and let the voice of the majority the sport fisherman be heard. Please feel free to pass this along to others and anglers who stand with us in protecting our catfish.

    BOC Please read Below

    Note: BOC member's Here is where you come in if you want to help this law, Click on the lin for the Petition and fill out all the information ! that your in favor of this petition. and you must post your real name first and last.

    I have seen a lot of you complaining about the laws but this is the time for you to stand up if you want to do something about protecting the catfish world. You do not have to live in the State of Tennessee to sign this petition.

    BOC Staff

    1. Eric Simcox - Catfisherman
    2. VERLON E. LAWRENCE - Catfisherman
    3. Mike Holladay - Catfisherman
    4. Pete Kildow - Catfisherman
    5. Ryan Casey - Catfisherman
    6. George W King - Catfierman
    7. Gary Felkner - Catfisherman
    8. Jamie L Durham - Catfisherman
    9. Doug Chapman - Catfisherman
    10. Gary M Vinyard - Catfisherman
    11. Troy Greenwood - Catfisherman
    12. Tanya R Looper -Catfisherman
    13. Phillip W Price - Catfisherman
    14. Kimerly Price - Catfisherman
    15. Brian Whitlow - Catfisherman
    16. Jason Whitlow - Catfisherman
    17. Paul Lawrence - Catfisherman
    18. Al Irving - Catfisherman
    19. Roger L Ewing Jr - Catfisherman
    20. Cirus Moorhead - Catfisherman
    21. Anthony Spergin - Catfisherman
    22. Mark Haught - Catfisherman
    23. Richard V Muckelroy - Catfisherman
    24. Travis McChesney - Catfisherman
    25. Philli Price - Catfisherman
    26. Rebecca Ferris - Catfisherman
    27. Randy Ferris - Catfisherman
    28. Barry A Johnson - Catfisherman
    29. Robert Tomasek - Catfisherman
    30. Jessie Long - Catfisherman
    31. John Fisher - Catfisherman
    32. Roger Willey - Catfisherman
    33. Mcavley C Byrum Jr. - Catfisherman
    34. John Allen - Catfisherman
    35. James Brinley - Catfisherman
    36. Jason Landis - Catfisherman
    37. Adam Roberts - Catfisherman
    38. Tyler Holley - Catfisherman
    39. Derric Belcher - Catfisherman
    40. Mary Belcher - Catfisherman
    41. Sam Davis - Catfisherman
    42. Shane Racca - Catfisherman
    43. Angela Racca - Catfisherman
    44. Tony Farrar - Catfisherman
    45. Demetrius Kennis - Catfisherman
    46. Tom Turner - Catfisherman
    47. Hershell K Brock - Catfisherman
    48. Leslie R Brock - Catfisherman
    49. Jeremiah Callahan - Catfisherman
    50. Ronald G Howard - Catfisherman
    51. Pat COURTNEY - Catfisherman
    52. Daryl Masingale - Catfisherman
    53. Robin M Wintczak - Catfisherman
    54. Barbara King - Catfisherman
    55. Wendell McQueary - Catfisherman
    56. John Young - Catfisherman
    57. Brandon Christy - Catfisherman
    58. John W Holsky - Catfisherman
    59. Robin Wash - Catfisherman
    60. Richard Kervin - Catfisherman
    61. Cheryl Brewer -Catfisherman
    62. Wyatt Chambers - Catfisherman
    63. Jim Leonard - Catfisherman
    64. Bobby Rodgers - Catfisherman
    65. John Austin - Catfisherman
    66. David Ashby - Catfihserman
    67. Johnny Key - Catfisherman
    68. Chris Glass - Catfisherman
    69. T.J. Duckworth - Catfisherman
    70. Mike Mitchell - Catfisherman
    71. George W Ostrom - Catfisherman
    72. Clifton Blankenship - Catfisherman
    73. Brad Kilpatrick - Catfisherman
    74. Blake Scherrer - Catfisherman
    75. Russell Devore - Catfisherman
    76. Scott Peters - Catfisherman
    77. Linda Drummond - Catfisherman
    78. Billy Daniels - Catfisherman
    79. Josh Baker - Catfisherman
    80. Ross Colen - Catfisherman
    81. Branden Stombaugh - Catfisherman
    82. Christian T Lockhart - Catfisherman
    83. Johnny R Cremeans - Catfisherman
    84. Kevin R Thompson - Catfisherman
    85. Jack Eblin - Catfisherman
    86. Raymond W Gilman - Catfisherman
    87. Darryl Vaughn - Catfisherman
    88. Bert McGhee Jr. - Catfisherman
    89. Joel Barnes - Catfisherman
    90. Bill Rowe - Catfisherman
    91. Josh Dixon - Catfisherman
    92. Eric Maurer - Catfisherman
    93. Daniel E Belcher - Catfisherman
    94. M.H. McCrary - Catfisherman
    95. Jon Nay - Catfisherman
    96. Jeff Dodd - Catfisherman
    97. Richard Young - Catfisherman
    98. Jay Smith - Catfisherman
    99. Todd Kendrick - Catfisherman
    100. John Fisher - Catfisherman
    101. Mike Farley - Catfisherman
    102. Don Betty - Catfisherman
    103. Marc Pederson - Catfisherman
    104. James Marshall - Catfisherman
    105. Greg Langford Mcewen - Catfisherman
    106. Brent Baker - Catfisherman
    107. Billy Sealock - Catfisherman
    108. Robert Goodwin - Catfisherman
    109. Chris Reese - Catfisherman
    110. Ryan Simcox - Catfisherman

    Please for further sign up's please click the link below for the Petition​

    Petition Site: Click Here to Sign Petition
  2. DeerHunter01

    DeerHunter01 New Member

    Well man this thread went quiet, what happened to everyone , once you signed the petition please post here so we can see how many are for this..

  3. lawnman61

    lawnman61 New Member

    Fort Worth, Tex
    I'm all for it. I think it ought to be included in all the U.S.
    I signed it and would sign it again if I could.
    Thanks for bringing this back up DH. :wink:
  4. lawnman61

    lawnman61 New Member

    Fort Worth, Tex
    Eric, can I sign my wife up for this, she doesn't get on the computer much anymore, she is trying to get her bachelors degree right now.
    If so, add Shelly Irving to the list.
  5. Itch2Scratch

    Itch2Scratch New Member

    Ivy Bend on LOZ, Missouri
  6. GoFish_Tony

    GoFish_Tony New Member

    Big Rock, IL
    I am all in favor of responsible Catfish Conservation.
    Petition signed.

  7. Mickey

    Mickey New Member Supporting Member

    Completed the sign up. Thanks.
  8. DeerHunter01

    DeerHunter01 New Member

    Al yes you can sign your wife up !
  9. Cuz

    Cuz New Member

    DeSoto, MO
    Add the fam

    Lisa Allen - Catfisherman
    Jack Allen - Catfisherman
    Lauren Allen - Catfisherman

  10. price

    price Member

    North Carolina
    Signed the petition and so did my wife and we added comments about why we support the laws.
  11. Skunk Master

    Skunk Master New Member

    Colinsville, Il
    I signed it and the Missouri one that Cuz has running.. I will be putting one together for Illinois in the next couple of weeks..
  12. gearhead

    gearhead New Member

    China Grove, NC
    I signed it over in the N.C. talk thread .:wink:
  13. rwilley3

    rwilley3 New Member

    Brighton, Tenne
    add Diane,Alan, Staci, Stephanie and Austin Willey. Thats our clan
  14. metalman

    metalman Well-Known Member

    We're in!
    Phyllis Bush & Winston Bush...W
  15. fish

    fish Active Member

    DH, sign Judy Marshall to the list also.

    I was talking to one of my friends down in Guntersville, Alabama today and he told me that they are having meetings there about this. He said there was a man from up in Ohio that bought an out of state commercial fishing license and had his truck there with the large fish tanks to take the big cats back up north to the paylakes. We can only hope this stops and soon. Thanks buddy.
  16. withone72

    withone72 New Member

    I signed it so one day my daughter who loves to catfish at 5. one day she will catch one bigger than my personal best.
  17. dankitch

    dankitch New Member

    Eric, I am signed up.
  18. rwilley3

    rwilley3 New Member

    Brighton, Tenne
    I reread entire thread and went and signed everyone up after I realized no one was adding names to list and we were supposed to add our own.
  19. lawnman61

    lawnman61 New Member

    Fort Worth, Tex
    Thanks DH, I know Shelly supports it to.
    Just add her name.
    Shelly Irving
  20. dank1

    dank1 New Member

    im from missouri and i signed and will in any state that starts a potition missourri had some public meetings on this issue went to meetings they where going to make a trophy section in part of missouri river consevation had a very good presitation about why they needed to an 1 fish over have 34in it got very highly voted down by public i beleave the reasson for this is the only people that where there where troutliners that where woried about them cutting back on number of hooks they could use if they would of listened to them it was not about that all it was about conserving i fish that is not been givin proper attention by bioligists until a few years ago there reason for the secton of river they used was because they could better control this portion because it was in the middle of state so they could do more research on a fish thats life span is 20 30 40 and more years old to see how to properly conserve it they have bass crappie and other speicies of fish thats life spand is alot shorter if we would all get unified we may be able to change the laws to protect these fish if i have afended toutlines i didnt mean to but when you take four fish over 34 in in one night think about how old your children are and how long it took you to raise them to 20 30 years and there is not any thing wrong with taking fish home to family and freinds to enjoy eatting or fish fry there are alot of smaller fish and they are not saying you cant keep a fish over 34in just one or two if buddy is with you and you can keep legal limit under so please sign it is for your children being and grandchildren to have the same chance to catch and photo monster fish the coservation effort has to start somewhere i got a letter from our conservation department stating that they were not going to change any laws because of the oppisition they got from the people i have very strng feelings on this matter i fish strickly for big fish on rod and reel if ican find cuzz protition will be sighning it too if we are going to get any thing done we have to speek up