Catfish on the Salt River below Saguaro

Discussion in 'ARIZONA RIVERS TALK' started by gtbait, Aug 17, 2007.

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    I know the water level fluctuates a great degree. It's often cold enough to smack of winter time temperatures even in July. Granted there's a lot of current yet there's also a lot of quiet pockets and eddy's. Have any of you AZ guys fished the Salt below Saguaro? I've bass fished it from a float tube. Caught a lot of Carp from a canoe launched from Granite Reef. Yet I haven't put any time into catfishing this section of river. I'm still working on catfishin in this area of AZ. I did a lot of Catfishing in the canals around Yuma and in the Colorado River. Always doing well. Just an opinion or two if you will.
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    I too thought the same thing but alas, doesnt seem to be a catfishing hotspot. Ive fished all over the river for about 5 years now and have never caught anything worthwile. Caught some near record carp, but no flats and just a few channels.