Catfish on a flyrod....

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing' started by StuBone278, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. StuBone278

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    south central Louisiana
    Does or has anyone caught catfish on their flyrod before? I have a cheap old 8weight rod (from the 20 dollar wal-mart combo) that I really want to catch a catfish on. I know, I know, this isn't fly-fisherman-like at all, but I want to just throw a big leader, 3/0 hook, and some cut shad on there and toss it out when they're biting!:roll_eyes:

    Anyone any advice or experiences with this????
  2. bro_catfish

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    Ohio ,Coshocton County
    Now that sounds like fun , I know that steel head rods are sorta like a fly rod and they have a regular reel seat on it , I think it be a blast and I think Ill try it myself this year

  3. Jesse168

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    Memphis, Tennessee

    I use to fish a lot with a fly rod rigged as though it was a cane pole.

    I would use about #6 eagle claw hook; one split shot; and small float.

    I would use crickets mostly and fish along cypris trees and stumps. We use to fish a lot of flooded timber and would just drop the hook in close to a tree.

    I never knew what was going to take the bait. I have caught cats as big as 10 # fishing this way. At the same time I got plenty of bream, crappie, and bass.

    Best thing about using a fly rod this way is that there is no way a cane pole will do as good a job bringing in the fish. Cane poles don't have the strength that fly rods have and you have more line with the fly rod to play the fish.

  4. Wyocatman

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    Centralia, Illinois
    Have caught channels all the way up to twenty pounds. Caught them on flies though. Tied flies to pattern the size and color of a small bluegill. Caught them in the shallows during prespawn. And yes, cpr'd all of them. they think the bluegill are going to get thier nests besides being dinner. It double eniminty(sp) for them. Try a flie, even a green, brown, or black wooly bugger. You might surprise yourself!

  5. jtrew

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    Little Rock, AR
    I've heard of some folks catching lots of channel cats along the bluffs at Pickwick in the spring. Shilohred can probably tell you more about that than I can.
  6. Kutter

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    Arnold, MO
    Here are two I bought the other day, can't wait to try them out.

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    Pennsylvania Wi
  8. delawareriver

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    bath pa
    almost caught my state record Bullhead with a flyrod, last spring i was walking the shore of a small pond and saw a huge bullhead making her nest. first cast i had the smaller male pick up my wolly bugger so i landed him then i moved to the fat female, same thing. the wolly bugger in the nest and the female hated it in there so she picked it up and i faught her for about 10 mins. my digital scale said she was ether a tenth under the record or right on so i figured i rather let he go then take her and her not being the record. this spring ill take down a cooler to throw her in and try to get her certified and back in the water alive.
  9. P. nasuta

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    Yes, Cats on a flyrod are a blast. My largest is a five pound blue. In the fall I like to flyfish for barfish (white bass) on a sandbar when they are busting on the threadfin shad. Well, the whites are at the top but below the school of shad are the cats. I use a 4 or 6 white woolybugger (weighted). Cast out, let sink below the shad and slowly strip back. I have caught many blues this way.

    Take Care
  10. DemolitionMan

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    Tupelo, Mississippi

    I've never done it, but my dad and his friend used to fish the rockwalls on pickwick during spawn with flyrods....Just a regular flyrod rigged like fishing for bream w/crickets....They would catch a washtub full in no time....Dwight
  11. catfishtonyd

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    This really sounds interesting. I have an old flyrod and reel guess I'll just have to try it. Thanks
  12. crmule

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    Orange City Florida
    Hey Cutter when you try those big bushy flys let us know how you cast them .
    I bought one and sat down and tied some .I have a hard time casting them ,It's like tossing a rag or somthing .I did make some smaller ones about half the size of the orignals and they did ok on a 7/8 weight but not much smaller and thats with sinking line.
  13. irishangler

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    I flyfish the New River in SW VA for its famous smallmouth bass from spring through the fall. I've caught several flatheads when throwing Clauser Minnows or crawdad patterns. The biggest was 7 pounds and was quite a fight when it got into swifter water. I was wade fishing that time and was able to maneuver around enough to eventually get it in. Fish these flies just like you would live bait. Get upstream from some good looking flathead holes and let the fly drift into the zone. Play out line or roll cast some extra line to get the fly into the structure. Use short strips then pauses to attract strikes. Use only enough added splitshot to get the fly down if fishing deeper water or if you're using floating line and longer leaders. I prefer sinking line with a short leader (maybe ony 12 to 18 inches) of 10-lb flourocarbon line. There's no need for delicate presentations when fishing for catfish. Hope this helps.

  14. HHinNC

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    North Carolina
    It has been a few years ago, but I have actually caught some dandy channel cats on a 6-weight fly rod ! (but I might have "cheated" just a little?) First of all, my hat is off to you guys that have actually caught wild cats while fly fishing. I think that is quite an accomplishment. In my case, an ol' farmer friend had built and stocked a fairly large 6 acre pond with the usual bass, bream, and channel cats. He faithfully came down to the pond almost every evening with a bucket of fish food pellets, and threw them out handful at a time to feed the fish. After a few years, he had some fat cats weighing up to 8-12 lbs or more. I was there one evening, having a blast catching some feisty blue-gills on a popping bug. As usual, he came down with his bucket of food pellets and threw out a handful. Good numbers of large channel cats came up to the surface and swam with their mouths wide open scooping up the pellets. It just so happened that I had a yellow popper tied on, so I pulled off the rubber legs so that the popper body looked like one of them pellets. Then I just cast the popping bug out there amongst the pellets and waited until a big ol' cat had slurped it in. The fight was on after that ! It took everybit of 15 to 20 minutes to land those cats!! I caught several, and handed the rod off to the farmer a time or two. It was a "kodak moment" to see that big grin on his face as he was holding on to that 6'weight fly rod battling a bruiser farm pond channel cat. This is definitely one of my most memorable fly rod memories. If you know of a pond stocked with cats which may be fed regularly, then this is a good opportunity to hook up and battle a nice cat on a flyrod. Tight lines to all! :big_smile:
  15. skeetermagnet

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    Edmond, Oklahoma
    I've never tried this but my friend's dad used to swear by it. He would catch some of those really big grasshoppers. Then hook them on a cricket hook and roll cast them out. When you practice you can roll cast quite a ways.
    They didn't catch anything huge, but they caught a lot. And everything feels big on a flyrod!:wink:
  16. trap daddy

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    The Best fly that I have used is a big wooly Worm. You can find them in all sizes. Channel Cats like them very well.